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What event can cause part of a rock outcrop to be upside down with younger rocks under older rocks?
When geologists try to match similar rock strata in different locations, it is called:
what is a half-life and can it be changed?
No. and half life is the time required for half of the atoms in a sample to change to the decay product.
When were dinosaurs alive?
Mesozoic era
As the quantity of a radioactive material decreases the half-life of the remaining atoms ___
remain the same (you can't change the half-life of a substance!)
When does an INTRUSION occur?
When magma squeezes into or between layers of pre-existing rock.
When does an EXTRUSION occur?
When molten rock flows onto Earth's surface.
What is the law of superposition?
States that all rocks at the bottom of an exposure are the oldest layers.
What are folds?
Bends in rock layers produced by crustal plate movements.
Unconformities mostly represent:
buried erosional surfaces.

An intrusion is younger than the rock it cuts through.
Fossils are seldom if ever founded in ___ rocks
What is an oregeny
process of mountain building
What indicates whether the object in question is older or younger than something else?
relative time scale.
Why are precambrian fossils rare?
Because most have been destroyed.