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What is Perception?
How we create meaning.
Ability to understand.
What is Selecting?
You limit the quantity of stimuli to which you attach meaning.
Being selective.
What is Organizing?
Putting the pieces together.
Organizing things around you to understand it.
What is Enlarging?
Looking for a frame of referance for the message.
Trying to put the words you hear in a larger context so you can understand them better.
What is Simplifying?
Finding patterns.
An order that will help you make sence of the message.
What is Closing?
Filling in gaps between pieces of information.
What is Interpreting?
Explaining the meaning of something.
What is Identification?
Identifying what is around you.
What is Steriotyping?
The process of assigning fixed or categories to things and people you encounter.
Placing things and people into fixed categories that you have already established.