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What is Intrapersonal Communication?
The name given to internal messages. Communication occurs within one person.
A way you have for getting in touch with yourself.
One person.
What is Small-Group Communication?
Communication occurs when a small number of people meet for a common purpose.
Three or more people (five is ideal)
What is Mass Communication?
Messages are transmitted to a mass audience through television, film or some other medium.
Also newpapers, radio or magazines.
Many people!
What is Organizational Communication?
People work together within a system of rules, norms, and routines to accomplish independent goal-oriented activities.
Within and between organizations.
What is Public Communication?
A person sends a message to an audience for a specific reason.
One person to an audience.
What is Feedback?
Tells communicators how their message is being recieved.
Your opinion on what someone says.
What is Interpersonal Communication?
Communication occurs on a one to one basis.
Communication between you and friends or family.
Two people.
What is Psychological Context?
Aspects that occur in the minds of the participants.
Contexts can be serious, humorous, formal, informal, friendly or unfriendly.
What is Physical Context?
Tangible concrete environment, part of which is the physical presence and attractiveness of the communicator.
Another part of the contaxt is location..
What is Social Context?
Encompasses your relationships with others.
Communication between you and another person.
What is Cultural Context?
Traditions, taboos, habits and customs of another cultures.
Things in other cultures.
What is Temporal Context?
Time the communication takes place.
Time of day, day of week,oe week of the month.
What is Noise?
Any interference in the source, reciever, or environment.
Any kind of outside distraction.