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Process that deals with how international business ahould be organized in order to ensure that worldwide business is activities are integrated in an effecient and effective manner?
Organizational Design
Type of structure which divides up the company by departments?
Functional Structure
This organizational structure balances product, regional and, functional expertise?
These types of activities are designed to put plans into effect, learn if plans are working as intended, and make corrections?
Control Activities
Hiring and promoting employees based on the parent company's home country frame of reference?
Ethnocentric staffin policy
Employee who is a citizen of the nation in which the parent company is headquartered?
Parent Company National
Made to encourage employees to stick out long-term assignments for the duration of the contract in hardship areas?
Contract termination payments
Area of free trade zone?
Foreign trade zone
Functions like a tab, risky for exporter/
Open account
Contract carriage between carrier and exporter, covering general commodities for which a validated license is not requires?
Export bill of landing
Three types of marine insurance polocies?
Basic Named Perils
Broad named Perils
All Risk Covers
Fascism is located on this side of the political spectrum?
A technique for measuring a firm's performance aainst the perfromance of other that may be in the same or completely different industry?
Economic form where the government owns some factors of production?
Placing workers in company management which originated in Germany?
The first two steps of the global strategic planning process?
Analyze external environment and analyze controllable variables
Two types of market screening?
Contry screening and market screening
Name two of the five criteria for segmaent screening?
Definable, large