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Mohammad's cousin and son-in-law, married to Fatima, 4th successor of Mohammad, sons are Hasan & Hussain
Mohammad's wife, first to convert to Islam
Mohammad's daughter, married to Ali
Leader of Ulama (shiite religious clerics) in Iran during revolution.
-Exiled to Iraq from 1963-78
-Gov't of Iraq dont want to harbor him anymore b/c of his ideology & stature, so they sent him back to Iran
-B4 returning to Iran, he went to Paris where he directed via phone the 1978-1979 Iranian Rev against the Shah
Ayatollah Khomeini
Tied to unify Saudi Arabia along w/ al-Wahhab
-Son of wealth ruling family
-was military leader & al-Wahhab was religious leader
Abdal Aziz ibn Saud
Able to take control b/c soldiers mad over defeat in 1948 war
- interwar struggle/riots in cities allowed him to mobilize pop in both urban & rural areas and increased divide b/w rich & poor and social unrest of increased landlessness
-stood for Arab natinalism
Gamal Abd al-Nasser
In Turkey, had a populist tendency
-Moved country in democratic direction
-End of the caliphate and the Ottoman empire
-wanted state rather than a market driven economy
-social reforms to make more western and to limit power of religious leaders
Kemal Ataturk
Ruled Egypt 1805-1849
-former Ottoman officer
-expanded Egypt
-challenges Ottomans in Syria
-very alarming to Europe
Mohammad Ali
Tried to create an Islamic state in the Arabian peninsula
-founded wahhabis
Muhammad ibn abd al-Wahhab
Served a prime minister under King Faisal (a Hashemite King) in Iraq
-Headed troops, took Damascus for Faisal
Nuri al-Said
Succeeded Nuri al-Said in Iraq as Prime Minister 1933-1941
Rashid Ali
Came to power in 1920s in Iran
-modernizer; developed series of reforms to lessen the power of the clergy
-abdicated the throne to his son to save the throne after conflict involving allies powers at beginning of WWII
Reza Shah
Founded the Ayyubid Dynasty
-captured Jerusalem from Crusader rule
Egyptian founder of modern radical Islam
-educator but not member of the clergy
-Came to USA to study education system and came as a moderate, left as an extremist & joined Muslim Brotherhood
-Emphasis on state where God, not people, are the rulers
-Sent to prison & hanged b/c he was planning to overthrow gov't
Sayyid Qutb
Sunnis; family of Muhammad the prophet; put into rule by British; Family for Arabia