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-British pull out
-Independent in 1946, but unstable
-lots of refugees from Palestine
-King Abdula unites parts of Palestine including the West Bank
-He is eventually assassinated
-1952, true independence from Brits supported puppet king gained with Nasser's coup
-Nasser able to take control b/c soldiers mad over defeat in 1948 war
-interwar struggle/riots in cities allowed him to mobilized pop in both urban & rural areas, increased divide b/tw rich & poor
-social unrest of increased landlessness
-Brits had ruled them previously
-1952 independence
-1941, coup resulted in Brit intervention
-Post WWII the Brits left but still had influence
-1958 coup brings new republic
-Iran border tensions b/c both sides were trying to exploit the Kurds
-1961, the Brits finally leave Kuwait
-leave other states in 1970s
The Gulf
-Brits forced French to leave
-independent but unstable
-Independent but divided
-system: 1. very weak gov't
2. All $ handed out to various "communities" and positions; free elections - worked for a while
(*Christian community: Prez & most $
*Sunnis: Prime Minister and some $
*Shiites: Speaker of House and least amt of $)
-Mid 50s Morocco & Tunisia freed from France
-60s, French reluctantly leave _____
North Africa