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What is open circulation?
Blood flowing freely through the bodies cavities.
What is the ostia?
Openings within the heart, also called valves, or openings.
What is a Peristaltic contraction?
forcing through waves.
In the abdomen, the dorsal vessel is called the ....
The heart.
Where and what are the alary muscles?
They are attached laterally to the walls of each chamber, and they expand and contract to facilitate the flow of hemolymph.
What is a synonym for digestive system?
Alimentary system
What are the main parts of the alimentary system? (8 parts)
1.Salivary glangs
6.gastric caecae
What colour are malpigian tubules and what is their purpose.
Very fine and yellowish or greenish. By pulling in ions they can also pull in excessive water. Ions can be reabsorbed in the hind gut, if needed.
What is fat bodies purpose.
To act as a liver. It detoxifies substances, stores sugars and manufactures compunds. VERY IMPORTANT FOR EGG PRODUCTION BY FEMALES!
What colour is the trachael tube?
Silvery tubes with taenidia (rings)
Air sacs are basically what?
Expanded trachae
What are the 3 main parts to the males reproductive systems?
Accessory gland (basically a prostate gland equivalent), 2)ejaculatory duct, and 3)aedeagus (penis)
What are the purposes of:
3.collateral gland
1.female reproductive piece
2.sperm storage
3.Produces egg cases, glues for gluing eggs to substrate. many reproductive openings do leps have?
2.Hymenopteras that sting are what sex and why?
2. females. stingers are modified female ovipositors (or egg laying devices)
What are the 2 main types of ovarioles?

What is the definition of nurse cells?
Without nurse cells (thysanura, odonata, plecoptera, orthops, and isops) and with nurse cells (all other insects.)
mosquitoes carry what disease, and it is transmitted how?
west nile virus, plasmodea, protozoan.
What are phasmodias habits?
They tend to move towards the surface during the morning and evening hours (peak mosquito feeding time)
what is the vector for filariasis and what family is it in?
Mosquitoes, nematoda.
Chagas disease is transmitted how??
trypanosmiasis, kissing bug, reduviis and the protozoan is flaggelated
Chagas is new world (t/f)
true, trypanosimosis is old world, sleeping disease, tsetese flies carry it
leishmaniasis is transmitted how?
flies/moths are the vector. Physeodidae=>protazoan
onchocerhisis causes what?
river blindness and is carried by black flies(nematoda)
vector is mainly in flies (t/f)
true while protazoan = nematodes
typhus is spread how?
lice, rickettsia bacteria is responsible. (humans may act as resevoir for carriors)
Anthrax is spread by what?
Dermestid beetles.
what is "entophobia"
dulusory parasitosis
what are the advantages of being a social in sect?
protection, reproduction and cooperation.
what are the 3 pinnacles of social behaviour?
1.portuguese man o war
2. social insects
3. mole rats (primary sterile castes)
What are 3 true eusocial behaviours?
1.cooperative brood care
2. overlapping generations
3.sterile castes
para social behaviour has 3 traits, what are they?
1.communal nesters (gain protection)
2.seperate broods
2 examples os sub social insects
bess beetles, and carrion beetles. overlapping generations
What is haploid-diploidy?
Male sperm is identical, while female eggs are only 50%.(meiosis occurs)
breeding can be given up because?
75% of genetic material is shared between all.
trophallaxis is what?
Temporal ethology
1.reflex bleeding (lady bugs)
3. vomit
4.formic acid
5. nausute termites (termites)
7. bombardier beetle with quinones
what are the 2 types of mimicry?
1. batesian-non poisonous (never trys to hide, model is more abundant
2. mullerian -both toxic
what are the chemicals used for maggot therapy and how do they work?
ammonia and urea-they raise ph levels to prevent bacteria from growing.
What is allatonin?
stimulates growth