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Alfred Binet
Tested children on the skills that were necessary to learn
kept certain questions if they grouped kids into different age groups
Easy to hard
Goddard: advocate that intelligence could be measured (used test on immigrants)
Terman: changed Binets scale to focus on adults; IQ = mental/chronological x 100
David Weschler
Items for Adults
Normal Distribution
Racial/Cultural Differences
Majority was 3 to 5 points higher
Between-Group vs. With-in Group Difference
look in book
Family Studies
comparing people who are more/less genetically related
Siblings vs. cousins
Assume: more geneitcally related two people are and the more similar they are on one trait, that trait is genetically based
Twin Studies
Identical vs. Fraternal
Share 100% of personality
Adoption Studies
Take a sample of adopted children and compare them to their adopted family as well as their biological family
Combination of genetics and environment
Mental retardation
Upper range starts at 70 and goes down, 2 standard deviations away from the "normal"