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Integumentary System
skin, hair, nails, glands
Function of Integumentary System
a. barrier against infection
b. temperature regulation
c. removes waste
d. protects
e. produces vitamin D
Thin outer layer
Layers of epidermis from outermost to innermost
a. Stratum Corneum
b. Stratum Lucidum
c. Stratum Granulosum
d. Stratum Spinosum
e. Stratum Basale
Thickest layer of skin
Region responsible for fingerprints
Papillary layer of dermis
Sweat glands found all over body
Eccrine Sudoriferous glands
Normal sweat
mostly water, salt, waste
Sweat glands found in axilla and genital areas
Apocrine Sudoriferous Glands
Produce oil (sebum) to lubricate skin, hair
Sebaceous glands
Tough fibrous protein that waterproofs skin, forms basic structure for hair & nails
Responsible for our skin color
Reproducing cells found in this layer of epidermis
Stratum Basale
Membranes found in intestinal tract, respiratory tract, reproductive tract
Mucous membranes
How Blood vessels regulate temperature
Cold - constrict to conserve heat
Hot - dilate to release heat
Nail MAtrix
Where growth occurs
Caused by pressure, creates thicker epidermis
Caused by friction, separating layer of skin
Most dangerous type of skin cancer, caused by damage to DNA
Malignant Melanoma
Subcutaneous layer, contains adipose tissue
Muscle attached to hair follicle, contracts to cause goosebumps
Arrector Pili
Asymmetry, border irregularity, color, diameter
Most common form of skin cancer, involves stratum basale cells
Basal Cell Carcinoma
Fast growing cancer, stratum spinosum cells involved
Squamous Cell Carcinoma