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Scabies is a prasitic skin disorder. What assessment finding on the skin (classic sign)
Fine grayish red line (thread-like)
Scabies - tx
Tx - Highlighted = Is transmitted by close personal contact with an infected person. Household members and contacts of an infected child need to be treated simultaneously.
*Lindane should not be used in children younger than 2 because of the risk of neruotoxicity and seizures
Another tx is permethrin (Elimite) use on cool dry skin after bath (at least 30 minutes after bath) from head to soles, leave on for 8-14 hours and remove by bathing again. Nonwashable toys seal in plastic bag for at least 4 days (for lice seal for 2 weeks).
Sign of impetigo on the skin
Thick honey-colored crust that start off as vesicles or pustules surrounded by edema and redness. Institute contact isolation with strict hygiene
Impetigo - is a contangious baceria infection. Where are the lesions usually found?
Around the mouth or nose, but may be on the hands and extremities.
For burns - what is the most accurate guide to adequate fluid resuscitation?
A neurological assessement, because sensorium is an accurate guide.
Kawasaki disease - what is it? There are three stages describe some s/s of each.
A mucocutaneous lymph node syndrom causing systemic inflammation. Acute stage - fever, red eye, red throat, swollen hands, rash, and enlarged cervical lymph nodes.
Subacute stage - cracked lips and fissures, dequamation of skin on tips of fingers and toes, joint pain, cardiac manifestations, thrombocytosis
A third stage is convalescent - where child appears normal, but signs of inflammation may be present
For any type of biopsy of the skin (punch, incisional, excisional or shave) what is the priority assessment for afterwards?
Assess for hemorrhage
A test for superficial fungal infections is
KOH test
For herpes zoster - how to collect a specimen
Rupture lesion and obtain specimen in a sterile container for testing
If someone develops asthma they may also have a history of _?
Infants have atopic dermatitis on their: _ _ _ _ while adults tend to have it on their _ _
Infants - cheeks, scalp, arms and legs
Adults - popliteal and antecubital