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What 3 pathways are important biochemical crossroads in energy metabolism?
1. Hexose Monophosphate (HMP)
2. Pyruvate
3. AcCoA
What tissues are nutrient distribution centers?
Liver + Adipocytes
What is the function of liver and adipocytes?
To store energy-providing substrates during fed states, and make it available for in times of want (fasting).
List 3 recurrent themes of metabolic regulation:
1. Allosteric effects - short
2. Covalent modification - int
3. Enzyme level changes - long
What molecules are typically acted on by allosteric regulation?
The enzymes that catalyze rate-limiting, irreversible, steps of commitment in pathways.
What 5 enzymes are allosterically affected, and what pathway is affected?
1. PFK-1 -> glycolysis
2. FBPase-1 -> gluconeogenesis
3. AcCoA Carboxylase -> FA Biosynthesis
4. PDH -> pyruvate metabolism
5. Pyruvate Carboxylase -> pyruvate metabolism
Why is allosteric regulation good?
Because it operates on short-term timescale but produces dramatic effets in response to different metabolic circumstances.