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winter vacation
寒假 hánjià
飛機 fēijī
to fly
飛 fēi
machine, opportunity, secret
機 jī
bank note, ticket
票 piào
airport, management, to manage, to administer
機場 jīchǎng
to sit, to take a seat, to take (a bus, airplane etc.)
坐 zuò
公共汽車 gōnggòng qìchē
public, common (use)
公共 gōnggòng
car, automobile
汽車 qìchē
car, a vehicle
車 chē
or, possibly, maybe, perhaps
或者 huòzhě
subway, metro
地鐵 dìtiě
to walk, to go, to move
走 zǒu
early, prior, former, in advance, first
先 xiān
(bus, train) station
(車)站 (chē)zhàn
to get off the vehicle
下車 xià chē
after, then (afterwards), after that, afterwards
然後 ránhòu
green, chlorine
綠 lǜ
thread, string, wire, line
線 xiàn
final, last, finally, ultimate
最後 zuìhòu
藍 lán
trouble, troublesome
麻煩 máfan
or, still, nevertheless
還是 háishì
taxi, cab
出租汽車 chūzū qìchē
to rent
出租 chūzū
rent, taxes
租 zū
to drive a car
開車 kāi chē
open, operate (vehicle), start
開 kāi
to deliver, to carry, to give (as a present), to present (with), to see off, to send
送 sòng
but, however
不過 búguò
to ask, to let, permit, have (someone do something), to yield, to allow
讓 ràng
flower, blossom, to spend (money, time), fancy pattern
花 huā
feel embarrassed, be ill at ease, find it embarrassing (to do something, )
不好意思 bù hǎoyìsi
the past several days
這幾天 zhè jǐ tiān
every day, everyday
每天 měitiān
each, every
每 měi
高速公路 gāosù gōnglù
high speed
高速 gāosù
public road
公路 gōnglù
(surname), road, path, way
路 lù
critical, tension, nervous, intense, strained, tense
緊張 jǐnzhāng
self, (reflexive pronoun), own
自己 zìjǐ
New Year
新年 xīnnián
fast, quick, swift
快 kuài
happy, merry
快樂 kuàilè