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shares attributes but not power with the dominant culture
"doing" orientation
accomplishments are measurable; "no sooner said than done"
"past orientation"
looks to history for guidance
"P time"
Stress people over process; deal with time holistically
body language related to communication
how something is said, not the actual meanings of the words
meaning is communicated verbally, directly, and explicitly
group affiliation takes precedence over individual goals
"M time"
time as fixed in nature, lineal and segmented
"being" orientation
spontaneous orientation; work for moment; indulgence
cross-cultural contact resulting in massive changes in cultural patterns
"five pillars"
private vocabulary of a co-culture or group
terms understood but not often used in formal society
dominant culture
made up of the people who have historically controlled the major institutions within a culture
"present orientation"
the moment is the most significant. Future is vague and unknown but the present is real
"future orientation"
emphasize the the future and expect it to be even better than than the past. Results in optimism
monotheistic faith that believes in God and Jesus Christ as a savior. Dominant in US
Oldest religions. Both culture and religion
1.3 billion people. Muhammed = messenger of god. 5 pillars of Islam
1. What are the protected federal categories of discrimination (7)

2. What is the one protected under Massachusetts law?
1. Gender, race, religion, age 40 yrs. and above, national origin, disability, and Vietnam veterans

2. Massachusetts protects against discrimination due to sexual orientation
What is Prejudice
amounts to a rigid and irrational generalization about a group of people
What is racism?
belief that one racial group is innately superior to another
What is apartheid?
Means separation, the separate majority black people were ruled by minority whites (South Africa)
What are the 4 steps to culture shock?
1. Honeymoon - excitement and wonder
2. Shock
3. Recovery and excitement
4. Reverse culture shock going back home