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3 types of rapid acting insulin.
Humalog (lispro)
Novolog (aspart)
Apidra (glulisine)
Humalog (lispro) onset
10-15 minutes
Humalog (lispro) peak
30 min - 1.5 hours
Humalog (lispro) duration
3-5 hours
Novolog (aspart) onset
10-15 minutes
Novolog (aspart) peak
1-3 hours
Novolog (aspart) duration
3-5 hours
Apidra (glulisine) onset
20 minutes
Apidra (glulisine) peak
30 minutes- 1.5 hours
Apidra (glulisine) duration
5 hours
What are the 3 short acting insulins?
Humulin R
Novolin R
Velosulin BR
Humulin R onset? (after SQ)
0.5-1 hour
Humulin R peak? (after SQ)
2-4 hours
Humulin R duration? (after SQ)
5-7 hours
Novolin R onset (IV)
10-30 minutes
Novolin R peak (IV)
15-30 minutes
Novolin R duration (IV)
30-60 minutes
Velosulin BR onset
30 minutes
Velosulin BR peak
1-3 hours
Velosulin duration?
8 hours
Which class of insulins most closely mimics teh body's own insulin response?
Rapid-Acting insulins...which are???
When should you give an injection of rapid acting insulin? (how many minutes before a meal?)
5-15 minutes before
What does the administration of insulin control when given before meals?
post prandial hyperglycemia
Is rapid acting insulin clear or cloudy?
What 3 other insulins can rapid acting insulins be mixed with?
When are short acting insulins given? how many minutes before a meal?
30 minutes before a meal to control post prandial hyperglycemia
What is very necessary with the administration of short acting insulins as far as meals are concerned?
a rigid meal schedule is necessary...the patient must estimate a meal will occur within 45 minutes of the injection.
What is the only insulin that can be given IV? What is the normal dose and how is it administered?
Regular 0.1 unit/kg/hr per continuous infusion
What are the 2 main types of intermediate acting insulins?
What are the 2 types of NPH insulins?
Humulin N (NPH)
Novolin N (NPH)
What are the 2 types of Lente insulins? What is the insulin suspended in?
Humulin L (Lente)
Novolin L (Lente)
they are suspended in Zinc
What type of suspension are the NPH insulins in?
Humulin N (NPH) onset?
3-4 hours
Humulin N (NPH) peak?
6-12 hours
Humulin N (NPH) duration?
18-24 hours
Novolin N (NPH) onset?
3-4 hours
Novolin N (NPH) peak?
6-12 hours
Novolin N (NPH) duration?
18-24 hours
Humulin L (Lente) onset?
1-3 hours
Humulin L (Lente) peak?
8-12 hours
Humulin L (Lente) duration?
18-28 hours
Novolin L (Lente) onset?
1-3 hours
Novolin L (lente) peak?
8-12 hours
Novolin L (lente) duration?
18-28 hours
What purpose is intermediate acting (NPH) insulin given?
to control blood glucose levels when patient is not eating.
What substance is added to insluin to form a suspension that is more slowly absorbed with different time/action profile?
What causes the cloudy appearance of NPH?
What special thing should you do before drawing up NPH?
roll the vial to mix up solution
What 2 other insulin classes can NPH be mixed with?
short and rapid acting insulin
What does NPH stand for?
Neutral protamine Hagedorn
what should you NOT mix with short acting insulin unless the patient already controlled on this mixture?
should not mix lente plus short acting (not reccommended)
Long acting insulins: (name the most commonly used now, and the 4 other not common)
Lantus (glargine)
Humulin U (ultralente)
Novolin U (ultralente)
Ultralente U (ultralente)
Levemir (insulin detemir)
What is the onset of Lantus (glargine)?
1.1 hours
Lantus (glargine) peak?
Lantus (glargine) duration?
24 hours
Humulin U-onset, peak, duration?
Novolin U- " "
Ultralente U- " "
4-6 hours onset
18-24 hours peak
36 hours duration
Levemir (insulin detemir) onset, peak, duration
onset: .8-2 hours
peak: 3.2-9.3 hours
duration: 24 hours
What color is glargine (Lantus?)
can lantus be mixed with any other insulin?
Why can't lantus be mixed?
because stupid...
it can unpredictably alter the onset of actoin and time of peak effect. DUH.
3 weird lente insulins not used much any more...what are they used for.
used for basal injection
what should you be careful of when using both lantus and lente?
DON'T CONFUSE THE MOTHERFUCKERS. lantus is different than lente.
should you mix levemir (insulin detemir) with any other insulin?
Normal RBC level for males
4.7 - 6.1
Normal RBC level for females
4.2 - 5.4
Normal Hgb for males
14 - 18
Normal Hgb for females
12 - 16
Normal Hct for males
Normal Hct for females
Normal WBC range
4,500 - 10,000
Normal platelet range
150,000 - 400,000
Normal serum sodium range
135 - 145
Normal serum potassium range
3.5 - 5
Normal serum calcium range
4.5 - 5.5
Normal serum magnesium range
1.5 - 2.5
Normal serum cloride range
96 - 106
Normal serum phosphate range
2.5 - 4.5
Osmolarity of a hypotonic solution
< 275
Osmolarity of an isotonic solution
275 - 295
Osmolarity of a hypertonic solution
> 295
What is the percentage of RBC's, buffy coat, and platelets in total blood volume?
What is the percentage of plasma in total blood volume?
What 3 major constituants can plasma be broken down into?
What is the normal ph range of blood in an ABG?
7.35 - 7.45
What is the normal PCO2 range of blood in an ABG?
35 - 45
What is the normal bicarbonate range of blood in an ABG?
22 - 26
What is the IVPB infusion time?
20 - 60 minutes (NO LONGER THAN 60 MINUTES)
IVPB are usually what volumes?
25 - 250 mL
The infusion volume and time of Whole Blood
300 - 350 mLs over 2 - 4 hours
The infusion volume and time of PRBC's?
200 - 250 mL's over 2 - 4 hours
The infusion volume and time of Leukocyte filtered RBC's?
200 mLs over 2 - 4 hours
The infusion volume and time for platelets?
200 - 300 mLs over 15 - 30 minutes
The infusion volume and time for FFP?
200 mLs over 30 - 60 minutes
The infusion volume and time of cryoprecipitate
10 - 20 mLs over 3 minutes (infused or IV push)
The infusion volume and time for WBC's
400 mL over 60 minutes
The infusion volume and time for albumin
2 - 4 minutes for 5%
slower for 25%
1 unit of RBC's increases HgB how many grams? increases Hct what percentage?
Hgb: 1 gram
Hct: 3%
3 types of combination NPH/Regular mixture?
Humulin 70/30
Humulin 50/50
Novolin 70/30
Onset of Humulin 70/30 and Novolin 70/30
30 minutes
peak of humulin 70/30 and Novolin 70/30
2-12 hours
duration of humulin 70/30 and novolin 70/30
2-12 hours
Onset of Humulin 50/50
30 minutes
Peak of Humulin 50/50
3-5 hours
Duration of Humulin 50/50
24 hours
2 types of combination NPH/Lispro mixtures?
Humalog mix 75/25
Humalog 50/50
onset of humalog 75/25
15 minutes
peak of humalog 75/25
1-2 hours
duration of humalog 75/25
24 hours
onset humalog 50/50
15 minutes
peak humalog 50/50
1-4 hours
duration humalog 50/50
24 hours
NPH/Aspart mixture?
Novolog mix 70/30
Concentrated regular insulin U-500 used for whom?
only for use in patients with insulin >200 u/day
What 2 factors determine if the insulin therapy is effective?
blood glucose is controlled without appearance of hyper/hypoglycemic episodes and
glycosylated hemoglobin < 7%
What are the contents of the formed elements in the blood and the percentages of each?
buffy coat-.1
what percentage of the blood is formed elements?
what factors can make the onset/peak/duration of insulin vary?
injection site
blood supply
concurrent illness
exercise level