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Computer Based Learning - Includes all aspects of using the computer for education
Computer Based Instruction - the computer is used for instruction; using the computer to teach concepts; projects
1. CAI
2. Interactive
3. Tutorial
4. Drill and practice
Computer Assisted Instruction - based on programmed learning; developed prior to computer it was in book for. after chapter one you would take a test and that score would determine what part of the book you go to next.
Most common; Hypermedia; games - rules, competition, goals; simulation - replicate real life.
you have a choice how you want to navigate through a program with interactive options; multimedia information based; The Internet is based on hypermedia.
Presents new information
Drill and Practice
Practice information already presented; "number munchers", "math blaster"
Computer Managed Intruction - using the computer to manage instruction, but not for teaching concepts.
1. Word Processing
2. Database
3. Graphics
4. Presentation Medium
Word Processing
Publishing student work, handouts, tests, activities.
Information about students
Grade book; "easy grade pro" program
Handouts, seating chart, activities, games.
Presentation Medium
Presentation software. hardware - LCD panel with overhead projector; Video projector; Large monito with interface unit.
Obtaining Educational Software
1. COmmercial - retail stores, catalog
2. Share ware - available mostly on Internet, pay a fee
3. Free ware - public domain, ususally no fee
International SOciety for Technology in Eduation - Professional organization of leaders in educational technology; Provides leadership and service to improve teaching and learning by advancing the effective use of technology in education.
National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers - Ongoing initiative of ISTE and its partner; Set of standards for educational technology for students, teachers and administrators. Check handout
Video and Audio together; threaded - meaning you screw it on; cable; RF signal
Push-on Connecter
Video and Audio together; exactly the same as the F-connecter only not threaded and you puch it on.
Audio - red and white cables; Video - yellow cable; Developed by RCA.
Video only; better video detail by 33%; you use this instead of the yellow RCA input.