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When do you use Winnt.exe ?
When you are installing windows NT/XP/2000 from the command line.
What are Setup.exe and Winnt.exe?
set up programs
Starting with Windows 2000 server, Microsoft added _______________ which can start a scripted installation or installation of an image.
Remote Installation Services
What is the difference between registering Windows and activating Windows?
Registering is you give MS your information, (name, address, company phone number etc.)

Activation is to combat piracy. You have to do it within 30 days.
Can you upgrade from 98 to 2000?
yes, though there are some complications.
Can you upgrade Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000?
Can you upgrade Windows NT 3.51 to Windows 2000?
Can you upgrade Windows NT 3.5 to Windows 2000?
no. You must first upgrade NT 3.5 to 3.51 or 4.0 and then upgrade to Windows 2000.
Does Windows 2000 support applications that use Virtual Device Drivers?
What are Virtual Device Drivers?
Applications use them access hardware directly, bypassing the OS.
What is the minimum requirement for RAM when installing Windows XP?
Which Windows OS was the first to have a built in firewall?
What is the recommended requirement for ram in Windows XP?
128MB to 4GB
When installing Windows XP, it is possible to run this command:
D:\I386\Winnt32 /checkupgradeonly
Why might you do this?
to check if hardware and software qualify for XP.
What is minimum requirement for a partition size on Windows XP?
2 Gig
What does HCL stand for? (you should look at this when you are installing Windows.)
Hardware Compatibility List
What is the minimum requirement for a CPU when installing Windows 2000?
133 Mhz PI
What is a realistic requirement for a CPU when installing Windows 2000?
350 Mhz PII
Which version of NTFS comes with Windows 2000?
Which version of NTFS was the first to effectively assign disk quotas to users to limit the amount of hard disk space they can use?
Can you upgrade to Windows XP from Windows 98?
Can you upgrade from Windows 95 to XP?
not directly
What is the minimum requirement for a CPU when installing Windows XP?
Intel or AMD 233Mhz
What is a realistic minimum processer when installing Windows XP?
300 Mhz
What is the Windows Catalog?
A searchable list of hardware and software that is known to work with Windows XP
You get a text mode error: "No Boot Device Present When Booting off the Startup Disk" when booting from a floppy drive, what does that mean?
it could be that the start up disk is bad, it could also be that the CMOS is not set to look at the floppy disk first.
Windows Has Detected That Drive C: Does Not Contain a Valid FAT Partition (only Windows 9x/ME)
could mean that the hard drive is not partitioned or that the hard drive is partitioned in a way that Windows doesn't recognize.
Installation Error:(Text Mode) Windows Setup Requires ______ Amount of Available Drive Space
Either there is not enough available space on the drive or the hard drive was not formatted.
Installation Error:(text mode) MSCDEX Error "No CD-ROM Detected" (With 9x/ME usually but also XP/2000 if you do DOS installation.)
CD-ROM settings are messed up. Check CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT
Installation Error:(text mode) Not Ready error on CD-ROM
Most likely the system just needs time to catch up, press R. Could be a damaged disk or too slow CD-ROM drive.
installation error: Blue Screen of death after reboot after text mode
lack of hardware compatibility
Does XP/NT/2000 use system BIOS to interface with hardware device?
installation error(in graphical mode): Can not read CAB file
Check CD-ROM for scratches
if there are none:
Copy files from source directory on CD (\Win9x or \i386) to hard drive
If a device is compatible with NT, is it always compatible with 2000?
You are about to upgrade to Windows 2000. Should you check the Hardware Compatibility List for your hardware and Windows 2000?
You want to find out if a piece of software qualifies for 2000. It is not on the Microsoft website. What do you do next?
check the software manufacturers website.
Does motherboard BIOS have to meet the Advanced Configuration Power Interface standard to install Windows 2000 and take advantage of W2000 power management abilities?
What does ACPI stand for?
Advanced Configuration Power Interface
Can out of date BIOS cause NT or W2000 to have problems detecting the hard drive?
What is an Unattended Installation
A text file gives the installation process answers to installation questions it would normally prompt the user for.
What does drive imaging do, besides install the OS?
copies applications from the drive image to the computer.
What program should you use to remove unique configuration settings before you clone a drive?
Do you give a computer a name before you put it on a peer to peer network?
Besides the computer name, what do you need to give a computer before putting it on a peer to peer network?
the workgroup name
Does a computer on a domain network need a user name and password?
True or false: A dual boot with Windows 2000 and WIndows NT is not reccomended.
Can Windows 2000/NT be dual installed on the same partition.
no, it is not reccomended