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What is the simple definition of an insect?
1. six legs
2. bodies divided into three main parts
Give four reasons why insects are good at surviving.
1. adapt (change) to the cruelest
2. their small size
3. can move around easily
4. outside skeleton (exoskeleton)
How does the outside skeleton (exoskeleton) of an insect help it survive?
It protects its internal (inside) organs.
There are over ------ types of insects known currently.
800,000 (eight hundred thousand)
Insects have lived on Earth for over ---years.
400 million years
Name three reasons why insects are important.
1. They are an important food
source. (Other insects eat insects
to survive)
2. Some insects are pollinators of
3. Some insects are garbage collectors.
What is an exoskeleton.
It is an outside skeleton.
Name the three main body parts of an insect.
1. Head
2. Thorax
3. Abdomen
If an insect had wings, which body part would they be attached to?
What are larvae?
The immature stage of many insects.
Give an example of a larvae.
a caterpillar
What type of eyes do most insects have?
compound eyes
Explain the compound eyes of an insect.
Compound eyes are made up of separate lenses, sometimes thousands of them. Each lens sees a piece of the image, and these pieces combine to form a broken picture.
The compound lense of most insects gives a broken picture which is not very clear.

What is the advantage of having compound lenses?
This type of eye is especially good for seeing motion. Because most insects have bulging eyes, they can see motion in all directions. This gives the insects a head start in getting away from predators.
Which part of the insect are the legs attached?
The abdomen.
Name three ways in which insects may use their legs.
1. swimming
2. digging
3. swimming
The abdomen of insects contains the organs for ---,---, and ---.
digesting food, reproducing, and getting rid of waste products.
What are two purposes of the "ovipositor"?
1. Female insects use it to insert eggs into such things as soil, plants, or the bodies of other animals.

2. Ovipositors of insects like bees and wasps have been adapted into a stinger.
Most female insects have an egg-laying tool called the ---.