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Musculocutaneous nerve
Lateral cord.
Motor supply to flexor compartment of arm.
Sensory supply to the lateral surface of the forearm.
Median nerve
Lateral and medial cords.
Motor supply to flexor compartment of forearm and thenar eminence.
Sensory supply to palm and palmar surface of thumb and lateral two and a half fingers.
Ulnar nerve
Medial cord.
Motor supply to ulnar flexors of forearm and small muscles of hand.
Sensory supply to medial two fingers.
Radial nerve
Lateral, medial and posterior cords.
Motor supply to extensor compartment of arm, forearm and hand.
Sensory supply to posterior surface of arm, forearm and hand.
Femoral nerve
L2,3,4 (posterior)
Motor supply to extensor muscles of knee.
Sensory supply to anterior/medial aspects of leg and thigh/medial aspect of foot.
Obturator nerve
Motor supply to hip adductor muscles.
Sensory supply to medial aspect of thigh.
Sciatic nerve
Motor to flexor compartment of thigh.
Tibial nerve
Anterior division of sciatic.
Motor to flexor muscles of calf and foot.
Fibular (common peroneal) nerve
Posterior division of sciatic.
Motor to evertor muscles in lateral compartment of leg and extensors of ankle and toes.