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What are the MECHANICAL anatomical barriers?
Skin & Mucous Membranes
What is the complement system?

Humoral Component
1. It increases vascular permeability
2. It activates phagocytic cells
3. Lyses bacteria and Viruses

Also Opsonin
What does the coagulation system do?

Humoral Component
1. It traps microbes in blood clots
2. Increases vascular permeability
3. Recruits phagocytic cells
4. B-lysin produced lyses Gram + bacteria
Lactoferrin & Transferrin
Proteins that fight with bacteria for iron
What do lysozymes do?
They are enzymes that break down bacterial cell walls
What do cytokines do?
They are cell signaling proteins that have various effects
What are the Humoral Components?
1. Complement System
2. Coagulation System
3. Lactoferrin and Transferrin
4. Lysozyme
5. Cytokines
What are the cellular components?
1. Neutrophils
2. Macrophages
3. NK and LAK Cells
4. Eosinophils
What are neutrophils?

cellular component
1. Phagocytosis & intracellular killing
2. Inflammation and tissue damage
What are macrophages?

cellular component
1. Phagocytosis and intracellular killing
2. Extracellular killing
3. Tissue repair
4. Presents antigens for specific immunity
NK and LAK Cells
Kill virus infected and altered self targets
They kill certain parasites