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What size needles for SQ?
What angle for SQ inj.?
25 gauge; 1/2-5/8" needle
Pinch skin 2" go in 90
Pinch skin 1" go in 45
Sub Q sites?
Use SQ for insulin
abdomen, arm, butt, leg
Use an insulin syringe only
What size needles for IM?
What angle for IM inj.?
Use Z-track for IM inj.
* Fastest absorption
21-25 gauge; 1.5 inch needle
90 degree angle
Push hand down and pull skin, let go after withdrawing
What size needles for ID?

What angle for ID inj?
Use a TB syringe, with 26-27 gauge; 1/4"-1/2" long.
15 deg. just under top layer of skin.
IM sites: Ventrogluteal Site
Place the palm of your hand over the greater trochanter and your index finger on the anterosuperior iliac spine. Point your thumb toward pt. groin, fingers toward head.
IV complications: Infiltration
S/S of infiltrations
Escape of fluid into the SQ tissue: swelling, pallor, coldness
IV Complications: Sepsis
s/s of sepsis
Microorganisms invade the bloodstream through the catheter: red, fever, malaise
IV Comlication: Phlebitis
S/S of phlebitis
inflammation of the vein.
Local, acute tenderness, redness, edema around vein:
IV comlication: Throbus
S/S of thromus
A Blood clot
Local, acute tenderness, edema
IV complications: Speed shock
S/S of speed shock
Body's reaction to too fast fluids: Pounding headache, Fainting , rapid pulse
IV complications: Fluid overload
S/S of fluid overload
Condition caused too much fluid infuses into circulatory
negorged neck veins, increased blood pressure
IV complications: Air embulism
S/S of air embulism
Air in the circulatory system
Respitory distress, increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure
IM Site: Vastus Lateralis site
Place one hand above knee and one hand below greater trochanter of the femur. Midline of the anterior thigh and the midline of the lateral side of the thigh. Site is within the rectangle area.
IM Site: Dorsogluteal Site
Find the greater trochanter of the femur and the posterosuperior iliac spine. Draw an imaginary line between landmarks. Inj in the muscle above and outside this imaginary line.
IM site: Deltoid:
Find the lower edge of the acromion process. This edge becomes the base of an imaginary triangle. Place 3 fingers below this edge of the acromion process. Find the point on the lateral arm in line with the axilla. Inj site will be in the center of this triange, 3 fingerwidths below the acromion procress. ONLY USE 1.0ml MAX.