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What is Information Technology?
the term used to describe equipment and programs that allows us to access, retreive, convert, store, organize, manipulate and present data.
What is software?
software are the instructions given to the CPU in order for it to carry out its functions
What is the difference between data and information?
data is whatever the computer takes in as raw material to complete a job while information is the end product of data processing
What are the 4 parts that the CPU is divided into?
1.control unit 2.ALU 3.CPU clock 4.bus and registers
What are input devices?
devices used to transfer data to the computer
Give the two categories of input devices
1.manual input devices and direct data entry devices
Give 3 egs. of input devices and their functions
keyboard-transfer text documents to the computer
mouse-controls the onscreen pointer
joystick-used for playing computer games
What are storage devices?
devices and media that are used to store data/information
Give the two types of storage devices
magnetic and optical storage
Give the two types of magnetic media.
magneic tape and magnetic disk
Descirbe the magnetic tape
it is a continuous strip of plastic which is divided lenghtwise into tracks and vetically into sectors
Give the 3 types of magnetic disks
floppy disks, zip/jazz disk, hard or fixed disk
What is the capacity of a floppy disk?
1.44 megabytes
What does optical storage use to read and write data information?
light source-LASER- light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
How much data
can a DVD hold?
17 gigabytes or 26 cd roms
What does WORM stand for?
write once read many
What does CPU mean?
central processing unit
What does CD-ROM stand for?
compact disk recordable
Describe a floppy disk
the surface of it is divided into concentric cicles called tracks.The disk is divided from teh center outwards into wedge shaped sectors. It is made from plastic with a magnetic strip and it is portable
A CD-compact disk has a capacity of what?
700 megabytes of data or 80 mins of audio
What is a barcode reader?
a scanner used to read or interpret data on a barcode
What does OMR stand for and what is its function
optical mark reader and it recognises a mark made by a pencil or pen at a specific position on a form
What scans text into a file that can be edited by a word processor?
optical character reader
The magnetic ink character reader reads datafound on cheques.It is used at banks for the sorting and processing of cheques.The numbes written at the bottom of teh cheque are called what?
magnetic characters