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Define Information System
any organized combination of people, hardware, software that collects information in an organization.
List four types of information technologies
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
Telecommunications network
Data resource management
List 5 areas of IS Knowledge
Foundation concepts-fundamental technical and business concepts
Information Technologies-Hardware, software,networks-data management
Business applications
Development Processes
Management Challenges
List 3 Fundamental roles of IS in business
Support of business processe and operations
Support of decision making
Support of strategies for competitive advantage
Define E-Business and Electronic Commerce
E-business-use of internet technologies to inter network business processes within a company

E-commerce-buying and selling of products and services over a variety of networks
Name the three types of networks behind e-business
Extranets- Networks Between Companies
Intranets- Inside the enterprise
What is an enterprise collaberation system; give an example
Use of software tools to support communication amoung members of networked teams.

Use of A Virtual team-uses internet, email etc to communicate
Describe the Trends in information Technolgies
1950s-1960s- Electronic Data processing
1960s-1970s-Management Information Systems
1970-1980s -Decision support systems
1980-1990s-End User, Executive, Expert, Strategic systems
1990-00- E-business systems
List 6 types of information systems
Operation suppport system
Management support system
Expert systems
Knowledge management
Functional-for example Accounting
Cross Functional
List 3 operation support systems
Transaction processing-batch or real time
Process control
Enterprise collaberations- aka office automation systems
List 3 types of Management Support systems
Management Information systems
Decision support systems
Executive information systems
What is a challenge to IT proffesional
Ethical Resonsibilities
What is a system?
group of interrelated components working toward a common goal
What are three main components of a system

Dynamic System
What are two additional components
of a system

Cybernetic System-self monitoring
List and describe two types of systems
Open-interacts w/ other systems
Adaptive-ability to change itself or environment
List four main concepts of an information systems model
People resources-end users or knowledge workers, IS Specialists

Hardware resources-machnies and media
Computer systems and peripherals

Software resources- includes programs(instructions for hardware, procedures(instructions for people
systems, application

Data resources- databases

Network Resources-communications media-coxial cable for example
Network support
Describe Data vs Information
Data or Datum(singular) are raw facts while information is data that haas been converted into useful context
Describe 5 information system activities
Input-Data entry using a source document