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A(n) _____ uses devices that emit and sense light to detect the mouse’s movement.
Optical Mouse
The _____ processor(s) is/are ideal for workstations and low-end servers.
Itanium or Xeon
A _____ looks similar to a floppy disk but has much greater storage capabilities—up to the equivalent of 170 standard floppy disks.
Zip disk
Standard CRT monitors today usually display up to a maximum of _____ pixels.
1600 x 1200
Groupware is a component of a broad concept called _____, which includes network hardware and software that enables group members to
communicate, manage projects, schedule meetings, and make decisions.
Workgroup computing
Each computer or device on a local area network, called a _____, often shares resources such as printers, large hard disks, and programs.
The technique of breaking a message into individual packets, sending the packets along the best route available, and then reassembling the data is called _____.
A T3 line is _____.
Equal in speed to 28 T1 lines and quite exspensive
Of the graphics formats that exist on the Web, the two more common are _____ formats because of their smaller file sizes.
A _____ is equal to exactly 1,024 bytes, but computer users often round it down to 1,000 bytes to simplify memory and storage definitions.
kilobyte (KB or K
True or False - is mail-merger capability a support tool for word processing software?
True or False - PC speakers are used as an input device for a computer systems?
What capability permits the
simultaneous usage of multiple CPUs in a single
computer system?
One responsibility that is NOT traditionally given to a beginning programmer is?
Systems design
In most computer languages, the absence of parentheses implies that the order of mathematical operation, from highest to lowest precedence, is?
exponentiation; multiplication and division; addition and subtraction
A point-of-sale terminal is typically NOT used as a tool for which of the following activities?
Verifying customer credit
Flaming is referred to as what?
The act of sending abusive or insulting messages on the Internet
In the case of a power failure, the contents of RAM will be?
Which of the following has as its primary function locating Web sites that deal with
particular subjects?
Search engine
Conversion of data files is part of which of the following phases of the system development process?
What applications is typically NOT available for a personal digital assistant (PDA)?
Statistical software
During preparation of a document using word processing software, a SAVE operation copies the document from?
Main memory to a disk
What does GPS stand for?
Global positioning system
A plan to safeguard a company’s computer system against damage caused by earthquakes, floods, or fires is called?
A disaster recovery plan
The device that is designed to scan a printed document, convert the image to an electronic representation, and transmit the representation
of the image via a phone line is called a?
Fax machine
In a relational database, each column represents?
A data element
Which of the following is required to access the
Internet from a home location?
Access to an Internet node or a service provider
Which of the following is NOT a correct characterization of batch processing?
It allows immediate updating of master files.
Which of the following is NOT true about a Gantt chart?
It lists cost estimates for each activity.
Which of the following statements about
electronic mail is NOT true?
E-mail message content can be considered secure by both the sender and the receiver.
A modem performs which of the following functions?
It converts digital data into analog signals.
The special formatting language used to create Web pages is called?
The process through which a user is verified and validated to access a computer network/
system is referred to as?
A program written to access and update a master database that maintains sales of tickets
to an upcoming concert is called?
An operating system
In a spreadsheet formula, what type of cell address is fixed and does not change when the
formula is copied?
Absolute address
A transmission line in which data items travel in both directions simultaneously is described as?
When applied to the development of computer
systems, the term “ergonomics” means?
incorporating human comfort, effi ciency, and safety into the design of the humanmachine
All of the following can be used to secure data against inappropriate access EXCEPT?
Data redundancy
A set of 8 bits can represent, at most, how many different characters?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a decision support system, as it is usually
It makes the one best or optimal decision.
Which of the following is NOT true about computer software documentation?
End-user documentation may be embedded in the programming code by the use of comment statements.
For which of the following programming languages is there always a one-to-one correspondence between a line of code in that language
and a line of code in machine language?
For which of the following conditions is it NEVER possible to recover a fi le from the disk to which it was written?
A different file with the same name is copied to the same location on the disk.
The American Charity Association, a nonprofit
foundation, has a home page on the World Wide Web. Which of the following is the most likely address for its home page?
Which of the following is the method of data transmission in which blocks of fixed lengths
are sent with start/stop signals?
What is the term that refers to the downloading of live video, audio, or animation in such a
manner that the user can begin to access the content before the download is complete?
Which of the following is a set of protocols used to link different types of computers over the Internet?
Voice recognition can be included with which of the following systems?

I. Office automation systems
II. Security systems
III. Batch-processing systems
I and II only
The system component that produces output in a specific printer language is referred to as what?
An interrupt handler
Which of the following statements is (are) true
concerning multiuser database management systems?

I. They increase the standardization of data.
II. They increase the need to store data in many different locations in the database.
III. They can increase access to and availability of information.
I and III only
A manager of a small business wants to use a
computer to store information about clients, vendors, inventory (item, number, price), and orders. The manager needs to be able to sort and group data for various reports. Which of the following types of software packages would be best for this task?
Database management system
Which of the following is the major advantage of indexed file organization over sequential file
Faster access to individual records
The maintenance phase of the system development process could include all of the following
activities EXCEPT?
Performing a major rewrite for anexisting system
A company is planning to connect data communications devices in a new building
by using either fi ber-optic cable or twisted-pair cable. Which of the following is NOT true of fiber-optic cable when compared with twisted-pair cable?
Fiber-optic cable connections are easier to install.
The ability of computerized systems to store and exchange information represents a potential threat to the individuals’ right to?

Which part of the URL above is the domain name?
The required components for a functional LAN include each of the following EXCEPT a?
Print server
Which of the following statements concerning real-time processing is generally NOT true?
A real-time system uses sequential file access.
Data values A and B are stored in spreadsheet cells C1 and D2, respectively. After a cut operation on C1 followed by a paste operation on D2, which of the following will be true?

I. Data value B is overwritten.
II. Data value A is in location C1.
III. Data value A is in location D2.
I and III only
Which of the following statements is true regarding client/server architecture?
The server computer accepts commands from a number of computers that are its clients.
Which of the following is true of C++?
It is an object-oriented, real-time, general purpose programming language.
Which of the following is a protocol used to route an e-mail message through the Internet?
Which DBMS data model uses two-dimensional tables to display data structures?
Which of the following is NOT true of expert systems?
They can use commonsense knowledge.
The sharing of a computer’s resources by allowing the running of two or more programs concurrently on a computer with a single CPU
is called?
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of having an entire department using the same office software suite?
Optimal functionality of individual application packages
How many 8-bit characters (ASCII) could be placed in the same amount of memory as 300 16-bit characters (Unicode)?
A company is planning to automate the importation of data into its mainframe-based
system. The data are to be received from several offices, each using PCs. This process
will occur on a set schedule without any human intervention at either end. Which of
the following is most likely to be used?
A computer-based information system consists of which of the following elements?
People, procedures, data, programs, and computers
Which of the following characteristics of a system reflects the fact that all systems are comprised of subsystems?
The particular form that information technology takes to achieve selected goals of an organization is known as information?
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of electronic data interchange (EDI)?
It reduces the volume of invoices or orders
A data-base management system must include which of the following components?

I. A data definition language
II. A data manipulation language
III. A data dictionary
IV. A data redundancy protocol
I, II, and III only
Which of the following terms is used to describe the transmission of data one character at a time?
Multiplexors and concentrators are used in telecommunication systems to do which of the following?
Increase utilization of the communication lines
Which of the following systems development approaches involves a highly irerative process of building, usingm evaluationg, and refining?
The process by which workers develope their own applications, with or without the help of professional MIS staff, is called?
End-user computing
In MIS the concept of "outsourcing" can be best defined as which of the following?

I. An option that some organizations use to control data processing costs.
II. A process of releasing an organization's computer operations to an external vendor
III. A data support and retrieval system that organizations can acess electronically
I and II only
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a decision support system (DDS)?
It produces final solutions for wide-ranging managerial problems
What is the most widely used coding scheme
used to represent data?
What is the smallest element in an electronic image?
A _____ is a network that connects computers and devices in a limited geographical area, such as a home, school computer laboratory, or office building?
Local area network (LAN)
A ring network _____ to install.
can span a larger distance than a bus network, and it is easier to install.
Internet transmissions commonly use?
The most popular T-carrier line is the?
T1 Line
A _____ is any computer that directly connects to a network.
A program that stores and distributes newsgroup
messages is called a _____.
News server
A(n) _____ is an interpreted program that runs on the server.
A ____ network is an Internet network on which users connect directly to each other’s hard disks and exchange files directly.