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Information System
An arrangement of people, data, processes, and information technology that interact to collect, process, store, and provide as outpu the information needed to support an organization
Information Technology
Combination of computer technology and telecommunications technology
Transaction Processing System (TPS)
Captures and processes data about business transactions
Management Information System (MIS)
Provides management-oriented reporting based on transaction processing and operations of the organization
Decision Support System (DSS)
Either helps to identify decision-making opportunities or provides information to help make decisions
Expert System
Captures the expertise of workers then simulates that expertise to the benefit of non-experts
Communications and Collaboration System
Enables more effective communications between workers, partners, customers, and suppliers to enhance their ability to collaborate
Office Automation System
Supports the wide range of business office activities that provide for improved work flow between workers
Any person who has an interest in an existing or proposed information system. They can be technical or non-technical. They may also include external and internal workers.
Information Workers
Workers whose jobs involve the creation, collection, processing, distribution, and use of information
Knowledge Workers
Susbset of information workers whose responsibilities are based on a specialized body of knowledge
System Owner
An information system's sponsor and executive advocate; usually responsible for funding the project of developing, operating, and maintaining the system