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also called net; worldwide collection of networks that links millions of businesses, government agencies, educational instituations, and individuals
World Wide Web
widely used service on internet' consists of worldwide collection of electronic documents
allows scientists at different locations to share info and work together on projects' works even if part of network was disabled or destroyed
any computer that provides services and connections to other computers on a network
World Wide Web Consortium; oversees research and sets strandards and guidelines for many areas of internet
access provider
business that provides individuals and organizations access to internet free or for a fee
Internet service provider; regional or national access provider
online service provider; provides internet access, has many member-only features such as IM or their own customized version of a web
Internet Backbone
major carriers of network traffic
IP address
Internet Protocol; uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the internet
domain name
text name of an IP address
top-level domain; last section of domain name; identifies type of organization associated with the domain name
world wide web; widely used service on the Internet, consists of a worldwi8de collection of electronic documents
web site
electronic document on the Web; can conatin text, graphics, animation, audio, and video
web server
a computer that delivers requested Web pages to your computer
Web 2.0
refers to Web sites that provide a means for users to share personal information, allow users to modify Web site content, and have application software built into the site for visitors to use
Web browser
application software that allows users to access and view Web pages or access Web 2.0 programs
home page
refers to the first page that a Web site displays
the process of a computer or device receiving information from a server on the Internet
Uniform Resource Locator; a unique address for a Web page
a built-in connection to another related Web page or part of a Web page; allow you to obtain information in a nonlinear way
search engine
a program that finds WAeb sites, Web pages, images, videos, news, maps, and other information related to a specific topic
subject directory
classifies Web pages in an organized set o categories or groups and related subcategories
refers to any application that combines text with graphics, animation, audio, video, and/or virtual reality
a digital representation of non-text information
Joint Photographic Experts Group; a format that compresses graphics to reduce their file size; goal is to reach a balance between image quality and file size
Graphics Interchange Format; use compression techniques to reduce file sizes; works best for images that have only a few distinct colors
a small version of a larger graphic
the appearance of motion created by displaying a series of still images in sequence
the process of transferring data in a continuous and even flow
recorded audio stored on a Web site that can be downloaded to a computer or a portable media player
Virtual Reality
the use of computer to simulate a real or imagined environment that appears as a 3-D space
a program that extends the capability of a browser
short for electronic mail; the transmission of messages and files via a computer network
user name
a unique combination of characters that identifies a specific user
mailing list
also called an e-mail list or distribution list; a group of e-mail names and addresses given a single name
instant messaging
IM; a real-time Internet communications service that notifies you when one or more people are online and then allows you to exchange messages or files or join a private chat room
a real-time typed conversation that takes place on a computer
chat room
a location on an Internet server that permits users to chat with each other
voice-over IP; called Internet telephony; enables users to speak to other user over the Internet
File Transfer Protocol; an Internet standard that permits the process of file uploading and downloading with other computers on the Internet
short for Internet etiquette; the code of accepthable behaviors users should follow while on the Internet
used to express emotion
an unsolicited e-mail message or newsgroup posting sent to many recipients or newsgroups at once
abusive or insulting messages