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Computer Security Risk
any event or action that could cause a loss of or damage to computer hardware, software, data info, or processing capability.
Computer Crime
any illegal act involving a computer.
Online or internet-based illegal acts.
someone who accesses a computer or network illegally.
someone who accesses a computer or network illegally but has the intent of destroying data, stealing info, or other malicious actions.
Script Kiddie
same intent as a cracker but does not have the technical skills and knowledge
Corporate Spies
have excellent computer and networking skills and are hired to break into a specific computer and steal its proprietary date and info
Someone who uses e-mail as a vehicle for extortion.
(malicous software) programs that act without a computer's knowledge and deliberately alters the computer's operations.
destructive event or prank the program is intended to deliver.
Trusted Source
Organization or person you believe will not send a virus infected file knowingly.
group of compromised computers connected to a network such as the internet that are used as part of a network that attacks another network, usually for nefarious purposes.
compromised computer whose whose owner is unaware the computer is being controlled remotely by an outsider.
DoS Attack
denial of service attack, assault whose purpose is to disrupt computer access to an internet service such as the web or e-mail.
Back Door
Program or set of instructions in a program that allows users to bypass security controls when accessing a program, computer, or network.
technique intruders use to make their network or Internet transmission appear legitimate to a victim computer or network.
Unauthorized Use
use of a computer or its data for unapproved, possibly illegal activities.
Unauthorized Access
use of a computer or network without permission.
(completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart) program that verifies user input is not computer generated.
Possessed Object
any object that you must carry to gain or access to a computer or computer facility.
Biometric Device
authenticates a person's identity by translating a personal characteristic, such as a fingerprint, into a digital code.
Digital Forensics
AKA computer forensics, network forensics, cyberforensics, is the discovery, collection, and analysis of evidence found on computers and networks.
Hardware Theft
act of stealing computer equipment.
Hardware Vandalism
act of defacing or destroying computer equipment.
Software Theft
when someone steals software media, intentionally erases programs, illegally copies a program, or illegally activates a program.
License Agreement
right to use a software
Information Theft
when someone steals personal or confidential info
process of converting readable data into unreadable characters to prevent unauthorized access.
Encryption Algorithm
set of steps that can convert readable plaintext into unreadable ciphertext.
Encryption Key
programmed formula that the originator of data uses to encrypt the plaintext and the recipient of the data uses to decrypt the ciphertext.
the unecrypted readable data in the encryption process.
encrypted (scrambled) data in the encryption process.
Digital Signature
encrypted code that a person, web site, or organization attaches to an electronic message to verify the identity of the message sender.
Digital Certificate
notice that guarantees a user or web site is legitimate.
Certificate Authority
authorized person or company that issues and verifies digital certificates.
System Failure
prolonged malfunction of a computer.
Surge Protector
uses special electrical components to provide a stable current flow to the computer and other electronic equipment.
uninterupted power supply; device that contains surge protection circuits to one or more batteries in case you lose power.
duplicate of a file, program, or disk that can be used if the original is lost, damaged, or destroyed.
process of copying the backed up files to their original location on the computer.
wireless access point, protocol for transferring documents.
War Driving
when individuals attempt to detect wireless networks via their notebook computer or mobile device while driving a vehicle to areas they suspect has wireless network.
Wi-Fi protected Access; security standard that improves on older security standards by authenticating network users and providing more advanced encryption techniques.
802.11i or WPA2
most recent network security standard, conforms to the gonvernment's security standards and uses more sophisticated encryption techniques than WPA.