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give the 2 types of software
system software and application software
What is system software?
programmes used to control the computer
What is application software?
used by the user to carry out a specific task
Give 3 types of system software
1.operating system and control programmes
2. translators
3.utility programmes
What does the operating system deal wtih?
the operations of the computer eg. Windows, Unix and Macos
What are translators?
programmes used to convert instructions typed into the computer into machine codes which the computer understands
What are utility and service programs used to do?
Carry out maintenance services on the computer such as identifying and removing viruses
Who is the head of microsoft?
Bill Gates
Give 3 features of windows
1. can facilitate different tasks apparantly at the same time
2.supports a graphic user interface
3.supports a menu- driven interface
GIve the 6 types of operating modes
1. multiprogramming
3.single user systems
4.multi access systems
5timesharing systems
6. real time systems
What does IBM stand for?
International Business Management
Give 4 types of microcomputers.
1. laptop
3.pocket computers
4.P.D.A.- personal digital assistance
What feature does a supercomputer have that no other computer have?
it has multiprocessors working at the same time carrying out different tasks.
What does a multiprocessing system allow us to do?
carry out different tasks at the same time with 2 or more processors
Which system allows only 1 user to operate a programme at a time in an interactive converstional mode?
single user system
What does it mean to be in an interactive conversational mode?
you have to be interacting with the compute. The user has to be present
What does PC stand for?
personal computer
What does a MultiAccess system allow us to do?
it allows many users to access the system apparantly at the same time
A time-sharing system allows the processor to shift access time from one user to another.How is this possibe?
By allowing each user a time slice which is a brief period of time during which the processor and other conversational devices become available.
what operating mode allows a user to access a computer from a remote location and provides multi access
multi access timesharing system
give 1 disadvantage of this operating system
the more users that are connected to the system, the slower it gets
Explain the Real time system.
this system processes data so fast that the results are available to influence the smae activity.