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When was the first year fiji won the AOPi fraternity of the year award?
Who was the historian from 1971-1972?
David Little
What was the first year fiji won the cheney cup?
How many times has fiji won the cheney cup, and what years was it won?
12: '73, '74, '78, '79, '82, '85, '98, '99, '01, '02, '03, '04
When did fiji move into the lodge?
Who designed the lodge?
Lanier Orr
What is the day we will live in infamy?
In 1976 when KA won the frat. of the year award.
Who was IMA DUO?
Steve Nail and David Watson
What did the IMA DUO DO?
Ran for SGA president
When was the redwood sundeck built?
Before spring quarter of '78-'79
Who was the unknown candidate and what was he running for?
Roger Strauss, SGA president
What was the highlight of '78-'79?
Murphy won wilkinson award, cheney cup awarded
When and why was the SGA abolished?
1980, unknown candidate
Who "conned" all of Kappa Deuteron?
Tony Richardson
Who said "the purple machine is rolling?"
Dan "Ringlow" Lowring
What ws the last year fiji won the cheney cup?
Who is our sister Sorority, how was it founded? By who?
Kappa Alpha Theta (theta), 1/27/1870,
Bettie Locke, Alice Allen, Betty Tipton, Hannah Finch
When was the last time fiji was on probation and why?
1987, the hot tub incident
Who wrote the epilogue, and what is the last line?
Sammy Simth '74, "You will never regret being a fiji at the university of georgia for as long as you live"
What does the white star stand for?
Purity and a new beginning