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Who wrote the history of kappa deuteron?
Calvin Clay Stoddard Jr '70
Joseph T. Fleming '85
Thomas H. Fickett Ga. Tech '32
Who are the original founders of Kappa Deuteron?
Antony, Berner, Cody, Harman, Wynne
what was the original founding date of Kappa Deuteron?
January 19, 1871
Which 4 fraternities have been at uga longer than Fiji?
SAE, Chi Phi, KA, Phi Delta Theta
What is the oldest fraternity at uga?
What is our greek motto and it's translation?
"Karteros Diatelon"
Persevering Sturdily
When? By who? and why were fraternities kicked off campus?
1874, Chancellor Henry H. Tucker, he thought they excercised harmful influences on students, aroused class enmity, and stood in the way of pursuing scholastic duties
Who? and when were fraternities brought back to campus?
Chancellor Patrick H. Mell, 1878
When was delta colony founded?
Where did they hold meetings?
November 18, 1966
Franklin room of memorial hall
What was the address of the old house?
1055 Prince Avenue
Who was the first house mom?
Mrs. Garnett Lee Daniel
What were the 2 goals of delta colony?
building membership, recieving a charter
What was kappa deuteron's instalation date?
March 22-23, 1968
On instalation how many recieved the white star? black diamond?
47 got the white star
43 got the black diamond