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Name the twelve founders of delta colony.
Allen, Blaire, Bradshaw, Brady, Bryan, Crump, Heilgeist, Jones, Neil, O'Neil, Respess, York
Who wrote the dedication in the black book?
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Ohio Wesleyan '38
To whom is the black book dedicated?
All of those who wear the white star. (pledges)
Who wrote dear pledge?
William R. Hardell
Kace Western Reserve '51
What are the last two lines of dear pledge?
Offer constructive criticism accept constructive criticism. Work for a lasting and meaningful brotherhood by giving more than you take.
Who wrote fratenity and the university?
William R Bracewell
UGA '68
Who wrote academics and the fraternity?
Dr. James L. Anderson
Kansas '62
Who wrote secrecy?
Ken W. Murphy
UGA '78
Who wrote brotherhood?
Frank J. Hanna
UGA '83
Who wrote pledgeship?
Ross H. Stillwell
UGA '89
Who wrote values?
Vernon E. Googe III
UGA '91
Give the names and years of the four Wilkinson award winners.
Ross H. Stillwell '89,
Ken W. Murphy '78,
Frank J. Hanna '83,
Vernon E. Googe III '91
Who wrote introduction to kappa deuteron?
Jeffrey E. Kryder
UGA '70
What does LSD stand for?
Loyalty Service Devotion
Who are the members of the cabinet?
President = Tyler Stephens
Corresponding Secretary = Kenny Goepp
Recording Secretary = Andrew Hollod
Treasurer = Matt Kreis
Historian = Tim Kiser