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Ulcerative colitis: description/pathology
-inflammation/ulceration of colon and rectum
-begins in rectum and goes up
-descending colon
-increased risk for colon cancer
ulcerative colitis: manifestations, s/s
-can have remissions
-unpredictable exaccerbations
-LLQ pain
-**rectal bleed
-lots of diarrhea (w/ blood, mucous, pus)
ulcerative colitis:
1. intestinal
- hemorrhage
- strictures
- perforation
- toxic megacolon
- colonic dilation
2. Extraintestinal
- non-specific immune disturbance
ulcerative colitis:
stool culture
sigmoidoscope & colonoscope
double-contrast barium enema
blood study
ulcerative colitis:
surgery: colectomy, anastomosis... may get a colostomy (educate)
- done if a lot of bleeding, obstruction, carcinoma
ulcerative colitis:
nursing assessment
autoimmune d/o
use of antidiarrheal meds
family hx
frequent bloody stools
wt loss
Ulcerative colitis:
nursing dx, responsibility, teaching
-diarrhea, anxiety, imbalanced nutrition
- maintain IV site, doc stool info, check hydration
- avoid alcohol, smoking, fatty food
Crohn's disease: description/pathology
usually ppl in 20s; increased in caucasian and jewish
-chronic, nonspecific (maybe from stress)
-effects any part of GI
-ulceration & fissure formation, tract becomes thickened/narrower
Crohn's disease: manifestations, s/s
-depends on anatomic site, extent
-diarrhea, cramping, tenderness, distention
-arthritis, clubbing
-steatorrhea (fatty stool)
-flatulence, stomach rumbling
-wt loss, n/v
*no bleeding
Crohn's: complications
-strictures/obstruction (from scars)
-fat intolerance
Crohn's: diagnostics
-check H&P, electrolytes, CBC, stool sample (heme test)
-barium (upper GI)
-endoscopy/colonoscopy & biopsy
Crohn's: goals of care
control inflammation
relieve symptoms
correct nutritional problems
promote healing
Crohn's: drug tx
-metronidazole (flagyl)
-infliximab (remicade)
Crohn's: surgery
*most pts need it at some point
-doesnt cure it
-may need colostomy
Crohn's: nursing care
-similar to colitis
-frequent rest
-skin care
-TPN maybe
-sm, freq meals
-weight, I/O