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TB drug that can cause optic neuritis?
TB drug that can cause peripheral neuritis and hepatitis
size of positive TB test in pts with HIV or risk factors, close TB contacts, or CXR evidence of TB
>5 mm
size of positive TB test in indigent/homeless, developing nations, IV drug use, chronic illness, residents of health and correctional institutions
>10 mm
size of positive TB test in patients with no risk factors
>15 mm
what can develop in diabetic patients with chronic sinusitis?
treatment for acute sinusitis?
amox/clav 500 TID x 10 days
what should you check for before performing an LP?
papilledema or focal neurologic deficits
causes of meningitis in newborns?
GBS, e. coli/GNR, listeria
causes of meningitis in children
strep pneumo, neisseria meningitidis, h flu, enteroviruses
causes of meningitis in pts 6-60
n meningitidis, enteroviruses, strep pneumo, hsv
causes of meningitis in pts over 60
strep pneumo, GNR, listeria, n. meningitidis
presence of RBCs in CSF without a history of trauma indicates what?
HSV encephalitis
treatment for HSV encephalitis?
immediate IV acyclovir
treatment for CMV encephalitis?
IV ganciclovir +/- foscarnet
diagnosis of HIV?
ELISA, then western blot (highly specific)
indication for pcp prophylaxis
CD4< 200
indication for MAC prophylaxis
CD4< 50-100
drug for MAC prophylaxis
weekly azithromycin or daily clarithromycin
indicaiton for toxoplasma prophylaxis
CD4< 100 + positive IgG serologies
45 degree branching septate hyphae
5-10 micrometer yesasts with wide capsular halo; narrow-based unequal budding
irregular broad (empty-looking) non-septate hyphae, wide-angle branching
CSF with increased leukocyte count with monocytic predominance
cryptococcal meningitis
treatment for cryptococcal meningitis
IV ampho B; then fluconazole
most sensitive tests for histoplasmosis
urine and serum polysaccharide antigen test
treatment for PCP
TMP-SMX x 21 days; prednisone taper if severe
CDR with diffuse, bilateral interstitial infiltrates with ground-glass appearance
stain to use for PCP
silver stain
most common STD in US
treatment for chlamydia
doxycycline 100 PO BID x 7 days or azitrhromycin 1 g PO x 1 day
treatment for chlamydia in pregnant patient
treatment for gonorrhea
IM ceftriaxone
secondary syphilis
asymptomatic maculopapular rash on soles and palms and condylomata lata
hemorrhagic painful pustules on erythematous bases - what STD
disseminated gonococcal infection
treatment for syphilis
treatment for pyelonephritis
what causes gram + shock?
fluid loss caused by exotoxins
what causes gram - shock?
vasodilation caused by endotoxins
most common cause of osteo in adults? in kids?
adults: direct spread from soft tissue infection
kids: hmatogenous seeding (also IVDA)
osteo in IVDA?
s. aureus or psudomonas
osteo in sickle cell
osteo and hip replacement
s. epidermidis
osteo in foot puncture wound
cardiac finding associated with lyme
3rd degree block
diagnosis of lyme?
ELISA and western blot (+ ELISA denotes exposure but is not specific for active disease)
what does rickettsia rickettsii cause?
rocky mountain spotted fever, a small vessel vasculitis
treatment of RMSF
doxycycline or chloramphenicol
diagnosis of RMSF
indirect immunofluorescence of rash biopsy
hydrocephalus, intracranial calcifications, chorioretinitis, and ring-enhancing lesions on head CT
transmission of toxo
raw meat or cat feces
findings in congenital rubella
purpuric blueberry muffin rash, cataracts, MR< hearing loss, PDA
most common congenital infection?
findings in congenital CMV
petechial rash and periventricular calcifications
most common cause of endocarditis
s. aureus
most common pathogens for left-sided subacute bacterial endocarditis
viridans strep
most common infecting organism in prosthetic valve endocarditis
coag negative staph
valve most often infected in endocarditis in non-IV drug users
valves affected in endocarditis in IVDA
tricuspid> mitral > aortic
small tender nodule s on finger and toe pads seen in endocarditis
osler's nodes
small peripheral hemorrhages seen in endocarditis
janeway lesions
subungual petechiae seen in endocarditis
splinter hemorrhages
retinal hemorrhages seen in endocarditis
roth's spots
indications for valve replacement in endocarditis
prosthetic valve
uncontrolled infection
suppurative local complications with conduction abnormalities
resection of mycotic aneurysm
ineffecive antimicrobial therapy (e.g. fungi)
valvular damage (significant)
embolization (repeated systemic)
refractory CHF (or sudden onset)
anthrax is occupational hazard for people who do what
vets, farmers, people who handle animal wool, hair, hides, bone meal
pruritic papule that enlarges to form ulcer surrounded by satellite bulbus/lesion with edematous halo and round raised edge
lesion in cutaneous anthrax
treatment for anthrax
pulmonary fungal infection endemic to southwestern US
most common organisms in otitis externa
pseudomonas and enterobacter
pain with movement of tragus/pinna
otitis externa
PNA characterized by intracellular inclusion bodies
triad of periorbital edema, myositis, eosinophilia
with what virus is kaposi's sarcoma associated?
initial treatment for osteo
blood cx and iv abx
tick bite & fever, malaise, myalgias, HA, N/V, leukopenia &/or thrombocytopenia
halo sign/lesion with air crescent
south/north central US & lungs, skin, bones, prostate involvement
warty, heaped up lesions in central US