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1.) Asepsis:
Being free of disease-producing microbes
2.) Carrier:
A human or animal that is a reservoir for microbes but does not have the signs and symptoms of infection
3.) Clean:
Free from contamination or disease
4.) Contamination:
The process of becoming unclean
5.) Infection
A disease state resulting form the invasion and growth of microbes in the body.
6.) Inflammation:
a condition in which a part of your body becomes red, swollen, and painful
7.) Medical Asepsis:
Practices used to remove or destroy pathogens and to prevent their spread from one person or place to another person or place;clean technique
8.) Microorganism:
an organism (as a bacterium or protozoan) of microscopic or ultramicroscopic size
9.) Nososcomial Infection:
Originating or taking place in a hospital, acquired in a hospital, especially in reference to an infection.
10.) Pathogens:
An agent of disease. A disease producer.
11.) Sepsis:
"blood stream infection."
The presence of bacteria (bacteremia) or other infectious organisms or their toxins in the blood (septicemia) or in other tissue of the body.
12.) Sterile:
Free from live bacteria or other microorganisms