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loose association of businnesses that make the same products
an economic and political philosophy that favors public control of property
Homestead Strike
Strike where workers wages were cut by Henry Frick
Jacob Coxey
quarry owner that demanded the gov give the unemployed jobs
the use of one's job to gain profits
settlement houses
a type of community center that offers social services
economics of sale
as production increases, cost decreases
Samuel L. Gompers
Leader of the American Federation of Labor
political machines
an unofficial city organization that keeps a political party in power
a payment made by the government to encourage the development of certain key industries
Munn. Vs Illinois
court decision that regulated certain businesses within their borders
Knights of Labor
nonskilled workers union
civil service
the governments non elected workers
Eugene Debs
man that helped workers out during the Pullman Strike
where the fastest worker was the one who made the most money
George Pullman
Man who made sleeper cars, but got shut down because of strike, lower wages, but not prices
Social Darwinists
theory that society should do as less as possible to interfere with a person's success
Restrictive Covanents
agreements among homeowners not to sell real estate to certain groups of people
Blue Laws
laws that prohibited certain immoral private activities
Social Gospel Movement
a social reform that sought to teach the gospels of jesus directly to society
Sherman Antitrust act
Law that outlawed any combination of companies that restrained interstate trade or commerce
a person that gives donations to worthy causes
American Federation of Labor
Union by samuel gompers that only allowed skilled workers
Interstate commerce act
law passed that regulated railroads and other interstate businesses
temperance movement
An organized campaign to end alcohol comsumption
Chinese Exclusion Act
Act where chinese could not enter the country
Gentlemen's Agreement
Compromise in where Japanese would stop sending workers over, so Japanese kids will not be segregated