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Company Town
A town where a company owned the housing and the businesses.

Workers received their wages in scrip, paper that could be used only to pay rent to the companny or to buy goods at company stores.
Knights of Labor
-Derence v. Powderly(1879)
-Powderly opened knights to skilled and unskilled workers.
-Actively opposed chinese workers
-P. and KoL brought: Temperance movement, 8 hour owrkday, equal pay for equal work, end to child labor.
Mary Harris Jones
Moved from Ireland at a young child.
-Widow to George Jones, union supporter.
-Knights of Labor organizer.
-Strikes, marches, and demonstrations
-"Most dangerous woman in America"
Haymarket Riot
-40,000 Chicago workersgo on strike.
-Launched by local craft unions, but fell under leadership of anarchists.
-Confrontation leaves two strikers dead at McCormick harvester plant.
-Strikers call peaceful meeting in Haymarket Square.
-200 police officers appear towards endof rally.
-Bomb explodes, police kill 70 people. 8 anarchists arrested (one was at rally)
-Caused anti-union practices
Anti-Union Practices
Union supporters blacklisted

yellow-dog contracts: workers had to promise not to join unions

lockouts: barring workers from plant, brought in nonunion strikebreakers. (Usually African Americans abandoned by unions)
American Federation of Labor
-Skilled workers only
-Founded by Samuel Gompers in 1886
-Collection of indepndent craft unions committed to working together to advance the interests of skilled workers.
-1890 surpassed KoL membership.
Homestead Steel Strike
-Henry Clay Frick announces wage cut at Carnegie's Homestead steel plant in Penn.
-Workers went on strike
-Clash between 300 detectives and strikers = 16 deaths.
-Result: Spread to other plants, needed state militia.
Pullman Strike
May 1894: Pullman sleeping-car factory in Chicago
-George pullman had cut wages while refusing to lower rents or prices at the stores in his company town.Eugene V. Debs(American Railway Union) backed srikers.
-Urged union members boycott all trains that included Pullman cars.
-Railroad companies threatened to fire any worker who refused to handle Pullman cars.
-Rail traffic throughout midwest
-Grounds of preventing mail delivery, ARU officials jailed.
-President Cleveland ordered federal troops to restore order.