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Settlement houses
-Community service centers (poor neighborhoods)
-Confronted poverty head-on.
Conspicuous Consumption
The behavior of the upperclass where the new rich spent their dollars freely so that everyone knew how successful they were.
-Extravagent houses
-Opposite of philantrophy
Jane Addams
-Major figure in establishment of settlement houses.
-Quaker father.Senator who had worked to pass social reform legislation
-After traveling europe dedicated life to helping urban poor.
-President of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Established Hull House
hull house
One of the first Settlemnt houses that was intended to institute and maintain educational and philantropic enterprises and to improve industrial districts of Chicago.

Established by Jane Addams
Social Gospel
Developed by a number of Protestant ministers who joined the battle against poverty
-Called for people to apply Christian principles to address social problems.
-Implemented by churches such as Bartlett's People's HCuch in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
-Salvation Army.