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Cornelius Vanderbilt.
.During the Panic of 1873 he constructed a Terminal in New York city that offered employment to those who had no jobs.
New York Central Railroad
. A major achievement for the Western New York area. This connected many smaller railroads and created a number of lines in the railways.
*Federal land Grants 1865-1900
Transcontinental Railroad
.A great achievement that connected the Pacific Tracks and the Central Pacific Railroad. This greatly reduce the time for passing through the country.
Jay Gould
.One of the robbing leaders barons. Was the director of the Erie Railroad and fought against Vanderbilt in the infamous Erie War.
Panic of 1893
.The collapse of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroads, European depression, and gold shortage sparked this panic. This panic featured severe unemployment, protesting and business, railroad and bank failures.
J.P. Morgan
.American banker and financier, he had control of many leading companies that featured technology.
Bessemer Process
.A very important technology that easily allow the creation of steel.
Andrew Carnegie
.Devoted to iron business he was inspired to follow that creation of steel by Henry Bessemer. He later created the Carnegie Steel Company.
Vertical Integration
.A concept introduced by Andrew Carnegie that was a style of management control.
U.S. Steel*
John D. Rockefeller
.Creator of the Standard Oil Company which was created as the solution to the oil problems in the United States.
Standard Oil Trust
.The Standard Oil Trust was formed by John D. Rockefeller. A growing demand for oil made this company popular until it's fall.
Horizontal Integration
.Strategic management. A strategy to sell the same product in a number of different markets.
Anti Trust Movement*
Sherman Antitrust Act 1890*
United States v. E.C. Knight
.A restraint to protect trade trade and commerce against unlawful monopolies and restraints.
Laissez – Faire Capitalism
.Describes transactions between private parties, which includes restrictive regulations, taxes, tariffs and enforced monopolies. This phrase was used in the United States as subscribed to American School which inspired later ideas in government.
Adam Smith
.A man who believed economics was not essential to life but government was important.
Gospel of Wealth
.A term that helped to promote a notion of massive wealth as a social benefit to all. This was a softer idea towards social Darwinism.
Transatlantic Cable
.First cable used for telegraph that traveled across the Atlantic from America to Europe and quickly decreased the time to transfer communications from weeks, to minutes.
Alexander Graham Bell
.An inventor who was credited for the creation of the first telephone.
Sear Roebuck
.Began with selling watches that inspired him to create a catalog for these items. He later came up with the idea for a clothing company later named Sears.
Horatio Alger
.An author of many acclaimed writing for the young later proved to have an impact toward the Gilded the Age.
Railroad Strike of 1877
.The depression of 1870 forced American railroads to shut down. This led to violence of the unemployed peoples. This was the most violent labor-management confrontation in American history.
National Labor union
.first national labor federation in the Untied States that helped the formations of other organizations and the "eight hour leagues" that established the national federation that could press for reforms.
Knights of Labor
Terence V. Powderly
Haymarket Bombing
American Federation of Labor
Samuel Gompers
Homestead Strike 1894
Eugene V. Debs