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Where did it start?
It began in Britan.
What factors led to the industrial revolution
ecology, government, and culture
importance of the agricultural revolution
Enough food was available for people in the cities
Falling food prices meant more money to spend on consumer goods
Healthier population which meant decline in death rate, especially in infants ,Ready workforce available,More wool was available for the textile industry and at less cost
is the process of conversion of common land to private ownership
The factory system was largely responsible for the rise of the modern city, is a large industrial building where workers manufacture goods or supervise machines processing one product into another
mutistory buildings divided into crowded apartments.
(+) & (-) effects of industrialization
+~ allowed people to travel the world,communicate very quickly, it created more jobs,

-~ child labor, money and Pollution increased, working conditions were harmful, and with the employed of women and young children, making them work long and hard hours
Robert Owen (Who, what ,when, where,why)?
Who-was a Welsh socialist and social reformer, He is AKA the father of the cooperative movement.

What- wrote a book w/ proposals to address the various problems of the early Industrial Revolution


where-New Lanark

Why- to bring social change in europe but was unsucceful
Karl Marx (Who, what ,when, where,why)?
Karl Marx-

who- Karl Marx was a German economist/ Philosopher that created the first economic calculations as to why capitalism was a failure, founder to the economic system know as communism.

what- wrote the communist manifesto and founde communism
What is Communism?
Communism is the idea of common ownership of everything in a society
What is Socialism?
The means of production are controlled by the state or party on behalf of the people.