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Industrial Revolution
Time of a lot of changes. Many inventions and discoveries were made.
Agrarian Society
People living in the country or rural areas. Farmers live in agrarian communities.
Where did people live BEFORE the industrial revolution?
On farms.
Where did people live AFTER the industrial revolution?
Were tractors invented BEFORE or AFTER the industrial Revolution?
BEFORE the industrial revolution people made buildings with WOOD. What did they build with AFTER?
STEEL. Steel is stronger than wood.
Sole proprietor
Craig is SOLE PROPRIETOR of the Richmond Beverage Store.
One person owns the small business.
Business Partnership

Ben and Jerry's used to be a partnership among 2 brothers.
A few people own the business together.

Burger King is a HUGE corporation.
Many people own a big business.
The way a country makes money.
Making things in factories.