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industrial revolution
the period of greatly increased output of machine made goods
the process of developing machine made goods
the process when land owners buy open fields then rent them to farmers who work the land
crop rotation
system of growing a different crop in a field each year to preserve the fertility of the land
spinning jenny
1764, hargreaves invented it; named after his wife; hand operated machine
a large building where goods are manufactured
cotton gin
made it possible for slaves to pick and clean 10 times as much cotton as before
one who takes on the risk of running a business
the heart of the spinning and weaving industry
a group of workers who join together to bargain for better working conditions & higher wages
5 countries involved in the industrial revolution
England; US;
5 reasons Great Britain was the leading industrial nation
1. Natural resources. 2. geography 3. climate 4. banking system 5. political stability