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Before the Industrial Revolution began, a revolution in agriculture took place that contributed to a rapid growth in population. Name 3 changes in agriculture.
Seed drill; dikes; enclosure
What new & important energy source was created? What was it used by? Who improved it by 1769?
Coal; Steam Engine; Thomas Newcomen
Give 2 statements that support the positiont hat the Industrial Revolution was a "blessing"
Healthier conditions; machines replaced human labor
Three natural laws of the economic system are
supply & Demand; competition; self interest
based on public or government ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods
What individual was most responisble for German unification
The "German States" became a unified nation in
What was the result of the Franco-Prusiian War
Prussia defeated France
When did italy become a unified nation
Who was most responisble for Italian unification
True/False: Garibaldi's "Red Shirts" defeated Cavour's forces at Naples
The artistiv movement that most supported nationlistic movements was
How was the ottoman empire similar to the austrian empire
both were multi-national
Why was the balkan region referred to as a powder keg
Conflicting/competing interests in region
What were the 4 Reich's
1st-- Holy Roman Empire founded
2nd--New unified germany
4th -- Germany divides into 2 then reunites in 1991
Name and Give a brief description of the 4 major causes of WW1
1--Agressive Nationalism~~ pride in your country; self-determination
2--Imperialism~~ one country takes over another
3--Militarism~~ start up arm
4-- Alliance System~~ Countries signing treaties 4 support
What was the so-called 'spark' of WW1
Serbia nationalist assasinates Arcduke Francis Ferdinand & his wife
What was the "blank check"
Germany supported Austria-Hungary
When did Serbia declare was on Austria-Hungary in WW1?
July 28,1914
Define the Von Schlieffen Plan
Germany strategy to avoid fighting a "2front war"
Define 'Battle fo marne'
German offensive stopped 18 miles east of Paris
Triple Entente
France, Britain, Russia
Triple Alliance
Ottoman Empire, A-H, Germany
Communist Revolutionaries
Where did the Allies meet after WW1 ended? Who dominated the conferece?
Versailles Palace; "Big Three"--Wilson, America; Clemenceau, France; George, Britain
Fourteen Points
Proposed by Pres. Wilson that promotes peace throughout; was rejected because Britain and France wanted revenge
What small revolutionary group promised Freedom, Land, and Bread and led a reign of terror?
Economic recontruction; some capatilism
More Choices and Freedom
A government that regulates every aspect of its citizens lives is what?
totalitarion state
What was the last dynasty of China? When did it end?
Qing; 1911
Pres. Sun yet-sen establish was type of government?
After Sun yet-sen died who took leadership of the Nationalish party?
Chiang Kai Shek
"The Long March"
Took a years time, where not only men but women and children crossed mountains & rivers for about 6,000 miles.
In 1958, To increase farm and industrial output Mao began what? What was the result?
"Great Leap Forward"; Failed
Name 4 major causes that would lead to WW2
Fascism; World Economic Depression; countries in dept; peace settlements
Nuremberg laws
eliminate jwes from german society
New Deal
Relief, recovery, reform
What ended the depression in the US
type of government--extreme,aggrassive nationalism; 1 political party-w/ dictator
Causes of WW1
Fascism; World Depression; Aggressive Nationalism; Weak league of Nations; Versailles Treaty
Axis Powers
1) Italy--Musollini--Fascist
2) Germany--Hitley--Fascist
3)Japan--Hirohito--Const. Monarchy
Allied powers
4--China--Chiang kai-Shek--Nationalists
December 7, 1941
Pearl Harbor
3 things that coulve changed the war
1) Aircraft carriers
2) oil reserves
3_ Repair facilities
Turning point battles in 1942
Stalingrad; Midway
4 decisions made during Yalta Conference
1) germany divide into 4 zones
2) stalin promises free elections
3) russia attacks japan
4) UN formed
June 1940
France Surrenders in WW2 to Germany
De Gaulle
Grench General leading the French underground
The term holocaust refers to
genocide of mor ethan 6 million jews
The state of tension between democratic nations and communist nations after WW2 became known as what
Cold war
When was the Un created? Where is its Headquarters?
1945; NY
When was the official division of Germany?