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Principal Exclusions from Gross income:
Donative Items
Gifts Bequests and inheritances
Life insurance paid by reason of death
Accelerated death benefits
Survivor benefits for public safety officer killed in the line of duty
Principal Exclusions from Gross income:
Personal welfare Items
Injury or sickness payments
public assistance payments
amounts received under insurance constracts for certain living expenses
reimbursement for cost of caring for a foster child
Disaster releif payments
Principal Exclusions from Gross income:
Wage and salary supplments
fringe benefits
accident and health benefits
health savings accounts
lodging and meals furnished for the convenience of the employer
rental value of parsonages
employee achievement awards
employer contributionst to employee group term life insurance
cafeteria plans
educational assistance payments
child or dependent care
services provided to employees at no additional cost to the employer
employee discounts
working condition
athletic facilties provided to employees
qualified transportation fringe
qualified moving expense reimbursement
qualified retirement planning services
tuition reductions granted to employees of educational institutions
child adoption expesnes
long term care insurance
Principal Exclusions from Gross income:
military benefits
combat pay
housing uniforms and other benefits
Principal Exclusions from Gross income:
Investor items
interest on state and local governement obligations
improvemetns by tenant to landlord's property
50% exclusion for gain from sale of certain small business stock.