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define individual differences
stable enduring differences among people in terms of performance of some task
what is the difference between ability and skill
ability: inherited traits, stable, enduring, the capacity of individual that is related to performance task 50in #
skill: developed and modified w/practice, countless in # depend on several abilities
What is the General Motor Theory Hypothesis
a single inherited motor ability is assumed underlyin all mvmt or sport tasks
What does the General Motor Theory Hypothesis conclude
a person with strong general motor ability should be effective at nearly any motor task attempted
What is the Specificity of motor abilities Hypothesis
very many abilities exist and r non related and specific...different skills have diff. patterns of abilities w/diff patterns of strengths and weakness
List Fleishmans 9 Physical Proficiency abilities
1. static strength
2. dynamic strength
3. explosive strength
4. trunk strength
5. extent flexibility
6. dynamic flexibility
7. gross body coordination
8. gorss body equilibrium
9. stamina
Define static and dynamic strength
static: max force exerted against external objects
dynamic: muscular ENDURANCE in exerting force repeatedly
Define extent flexi.. and dynamic flex..
extent: flex or stretch trunk and back muscles
dynamic: ability repeated rapid trunk flexing movements
define gross body coordination and gross body equilibrium
bc:ability to coordinate the action of several parts of the body while the body is in motion
be:ability to maintain balance w/o visual clues
Define explosive, trunk, and stamina
exp:ability to mobilize energy effectively for burts of muscular effort
trun:strength of trunk
stam: capacity to sustain max effort requiring cardio effort
List abilites of Fleishmans perceptual or cognitive abilites
1.multilimb coordination
2.control precision
3.response orientation
4.reaction time
5.speed of arm movement
6.rate control
7.manual dexterity
8.finger dexterity
9.arm-hand stediness
10.wrist-finger speed
12postural discrimination
13.response integration
Define multilimb coordination,control precision
mc:ability to coordinate the movtmt of a number of limbs simultaneously..swimming
cp: ability to make hightly controlled adn precise muscular adjustments where larger muscle groups are swing
define response orientation adn reaction time
ro:ability to select rapidly where a response should be made..plan adj football
rt:ability to respond rapidly to one stimulus when it appaears..race shot gun
define speed of arm mvmt, rate control
sa: abililty to make a gross rapid arm moveemetn
rc:ability to change speed and direction of response with precise timing...steering car
define manual dexterity, and finger dexterity
md: ability to make skillful, well-directed arm-hand movmt that are involved in manipulating objects under speed conditions ..dribbling
fd:ability to perform skillful, controlled manipulation of tiny objects involving primarily the fingers...piano
define arm-hand steadiness, wrist finger speed
arhs: ability to make precise armhand postioning movmts where strenght and speed are minimally involved shot
wfs: ability to move the fingers and wrist rapidly...piano
define aiming, postural discrimination, and response integreation
a: to aim precisely at a samll objectin space..archery
pd: to respond to changes in postural cues in teh absence of vision in making precise bodily adjustmetns
ri:utilize and appy sensory cues from several sources into a single, integrated response...QB football