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The study of individual differences is sometimes called...
differential psychology.
The idea and evidence for a general factor of intelligence is most often attributed to who?
Psychoanalysis is based on the theories of who?
Instead of internal cognitions or personality processes, behaviourists concentrated on....
observable behaviour.
Bandura emphasised the reciprocal determinism of Person, Behaviour and......?
The influential critique by Mischel about personality traits suggested that.......had a much stronger influence on behaviour than personality.
Personality traits predict what 3 things at work?
Satisfaction, Commitment, Performance.
A generally positive or negative feeling is called?
A mood.
Psychometric measures of personality typically...
ask people about how much they agree with statements about their behaviour, thought or emotion.
The form of validity that examines whether a test predicts important outcomes or variables is called:
content validity.
The ability to solve novel problems with no prior knowledge or education relating to the problem is called....?
Fluid ability.