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Sword of Honor
Given for outstanding fraternity service for exceptional campus or community leadership.
some one being knighted
Ruby Sword of Honor
Gold sword in set with rubie givern each year for the canidate chosen as a province leadership award winner.
Rose of Honor
Gold rose with ruby center given only those to alumnae to those outstanding for extraordinary service to the fraternity the community and local chapter.
Rose of Dedication
Gold Rose with pearl center surrounded by the laverl reef. Given for 25 years or more of outstanding continueous service to the fraternity community and the whole chapter.
Ring of Excellence
Traternities hight award a ring in shape of fraternities badge with 2 engraved rosed on the shaft given for outstanding service to the national organization or given to internationally renoun harvest schalor or teacher who was intationated as a college or non-student member.
Scholastic Award
Awarded annually to the graduated senior in each college chapter who has attained the highest scholastic average curing her college years and who the head of the music deptartment recomends.
Valley Victorian
Collegiate Honor Award
Awarded annually to a collegiate number, recongized outstanding musicianship, scholarship and fraternity service by the head of the music deptartment recommends
National Outstanding Treasurer Award (college and Alumnae)
Presented annually form nominations simitted by provance officers
National Collegiate Leadership Award
Awarded annually and selected from provance leadership award winners
National Alumnae Leadership Award
Awarded annually for outstanding service to frat chapter and community.