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How did clearing the land and cutting down trees affect animals?
Many of them lost habitats and some disappeared or became endangered
What happened when people cleared land and cut down trees?
There was soil erosion because the trees weren't there to protect the land
What is cultivated vegetation?
Vegitation that farmers work hard to grow (like CORN)
Indiana's most common farm animal
Indiana's state bird
What is natural vegetation?
Vegetation that naturally grows and gives animals food and shelter (that FARMERS DO NOT NEED TO WORK HARD TO GROW)
How does Lake Michigan affect Indiana's climate?
In northwest Indiana, the lake either warms the air and keeps temperatures mild, or it can cool the air and keep temperatures cold
Give some examples of conservation
turning off lights, recycling newspapers, picking up trash, etc.
What causes erosion?
wind and rain wearing away soil and stone
How is Indiana's water polluted?
People and industries let waste flow into our waterways
What happened to a lot of Indiana's forests?
people cleared the land for farming and used the trees for timber and fuel
What 3 nonrenewable natural resources are needed to make steel?
iron ore, limestone, and coal
Is natural gas a renewable or nonrenewable natural resource?
What is a renewable natural resource?
a natural resource that can be replaced as it is used up
What natural resource gives Indiana most of its heating and electric power?
What is limestone?
a natural resource that comes from built-up animal remains
Why are waterways so important in Indiana?
They make Indiana the center for travelling and business
Describe the Tipton Till Plains
covered by rocks and soil left behind by the glaciers
What caused the lakes and ponds to form in the Great Lakes Plain?
glaciers digging holes in the land
What caused Indiana to have three distinct landform regions?
glaciers during the Ice Age
Which state shares a border with Indiana on the west?
Describe Indiana's location on earth
North America, Northern Hemisphere, and Western Hemisphere