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I dentify and described how it is similar to and different from the stupa at sanchi
Great Stupa, Borobudur

10 miles of carving and sculpture
9 levels
carvings correspond to the celestial figures
the other stupa at sanchi had 2 levels
What is a thangka. Give an example
literally, roled up cloth

Why in your view, were the Buddhas destroyed?
because they saw them as idols and they didn't believe in them
What is the meaning of those faces towers @
They represent the ruler as the bodhisattva, looking outward in all directins from the center of his great kingdom. The multiplication of heads, facing in every direction, radiated the presence and power of the divine king in every direction to every prvince in his empire. These places were included in the temple inscriptions in the chapels, which were provided with statues of the favored local provincial deities.
Identify building, who comissioned it, why it was built, and the model for the setting?
Taj Mahal it is a Mosuleum built in the 16th century by Shah Jahan, mouument to the beauty of his wife and moument to his faith. Because it represents serenity and clamness through symmetry with the gardens
List various kinds of pollution now destroying the Taj Mahal
Acid rain and condensastion from factoriesare turning the color of the marble, garage makes the canals smell, plastic bottles liter the lawn and droppings from pigeons and bats. Burn marks from where they have tried to burn bee hives down
Director of the TATA group what steps would you take to reverse the damage
up the price of tickets and limit the amount of people that go in there
Who is the figure and what does he represent
Shiva Lord of dance

Destroyer(five mudra)
who are these two figures and how do we interpret their relationship
Krishna and Radha

Parrallel to individuals reltionships to God
Define garbhangrina and give an example
Womb chamber and inclosed space
Describe a visit to a Hindu temple and symbolic meaning
Small shrine
Who and what is she an example of?

Fertility of nature
Guardian of the gate(torana)
What is a chitya and an example of it?
An assembly hall and a place of worship.

Stupa @ Bahja
Identify this figure and tell me how you knew it is the Buddha?
"Seated Buddha from Sarnath"

Frontal position
no jewelry
hand movement-Mudra
Legs crossed-yoga position