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Who has command of an incident until they pass command to another unit or the BC arrives
First arriving company
On a commercial fire where should the second in unit respond to?
The opposite side of the building that the first in engine arrived and give a size up.
In a commercial fire which unit will identify the FDC location and be ready to pump into it if needed.?
The 2nd in engine
What are the four major responsibilities of the IC?
1. Provide for firefighter safety and survival
2. Protect, remove, and provide care for endagered occupants
3. Stop the fire
4. Conserve property during and after fire control operations.
What does A.C.T. stand for?
A-All personnel on the fire ground must have an assignment and know who they report to.

C- All personnel will be in proper PPE as per CFD standards

T- Members must be part of an assigned team and have proper passport ID. There will be no free-lancing of individual or companies on the fire ground.
Company officers or qualified team leaders operating on the fire ground shall be able to answer what 4 questions?
Who are you working for?
Where is your assignment?
What is your assignment
Why are you assigned there?
What is a rapid search of all involved and exposed areas affected by the fire and which can be entered, to verify the removal and/or safety of all occupants.
Primary search
What is a thourogh search of the interior fire area after initial fire control, ventilation, and interior lighting are completed.
Secondary search
Once a primary search is completed what verbal announcemnt is given?
"All clear", then the officer in charge will relay this info. to the IC. The IC will broadcast the "all clear"
What is call back?
When Firefighters and Officers are called at home and ordered to report to an emergency incident.
What is the proper termonolgy for the area of immediate danger around the emergency scene?
Emergency Incident Perimeter
A vinyl covered magnetized panel that attches to the sides of Firefighters and Officers helmets.
Helmet panels
What is a kit that contains the necessary materials to construct passports for new companies (usually during major alarms) using Firefighters and Officers who report directly to an incident, to replace lost or damaged components for in-service units?
Make up kit
Where is the make up kit kept?
Command unit
What information in on the passport name tag?
Rank and last name
What color is the replacement passport?
What is the blank green passport used for?
Multi-alarms, make-up companies, or replacement
Where is the primary passport kept?
Captains helmet
What is a piggy backed
The practice of attaching one passport to another
What is roll call?
A poll of all Companies/Teams ect. at an emergency incident to account for all Personnel at an incident
What is the title of the board with velcro strips (one for each shift) for storage of the off duty members name tags and replacement passports?
Station staffing board
What is the title of the board with velcro strips, that is used by the IC to attach the passports of companies or teams whithin their direct span of control, and record information as needed.
Status board
What are the three parts of a passport?
A-- The top portion
1.Company designator
2.Company number
3.OES letter designators for county and city

B---- The middle portion
1. Team members name tags

C----------The bottom portion
1. Is to record notes
What is the white colored passport for?
On duty shift
What is the green passport for?
How many white passports are there?
Two, primary and backup
Where are the primary passports kept?
Under the rear brim of the Officers helmet.
What is the primary passport used for?
It is used as a passport entrance into an emergency incident perimeter.
What color is the back up passport?
flexible center with red velcro
What is the back up passport used for?
Identification of team members when the primary passport is unavailable.
Where are the back up passports kept?
On the status board
Where is the status board?
Engineers compartment
What does the replacement passports look like?
Green rigid
What are the uses of the replacement passports?
To replace lost primary or backup passports, and it can be used when reporting to an emergency incident and a change of shift.
Where are the blank green flexible passports kept?
They are carried in the command vehicles.
Which passport is used as a temporary replacement of Company-designated green rigid passports
The blank green flexible passports
What is the minimum number of velcro passport nametags that we must have?
How many of your own passport nametags are to be kept under your helmet?
What are the name tags that are kept under your helmet for?
1. Independent response

2. Details out, or movement

of personnel from their normally assigned station to maintain staffing levels

3. Multiple alarm make-up tams

4. Immediate replacement of lost tags
How many name tags should be kept on the station staffing board?
Minimum 2 and up to 4
What 4 reasons are the tags that are kept on the underside of your helmet used for?
1. Independent response units

2. Details out, or movement of personnel from their normally assigned station to maintain staffing levels

3. Multiple alarm make-up teams

4. Immediate replacement of lost tags
What are four reasons for conducting a roll call at an emergency incident
1.A Firefighter or Team is presumed missing or trapped

2.When there is a change from an offensive to a defensive fire ground strategy

3.When there is a catastrophic change in the incident such as building collapse, explosion, back draft, sudden flooding, release of vapor cloud, ect.

4. This will be done every 15 min or more often as deemed necessary by the Incident Commander
Team members should always be in contact, what are the three permitted ways of contact
Voice (not radio)
When fighting a car fire, at what degree should you approach the vehicle?
45 degree angle to avoid pressurised bumpers
What is the min. size hose line that can be used at a structure fire?
1 1/2
What are two basic fire control activities?
Stopping the forward process.
When checking for water damage after a structure fire at a multi-story home what level should you start at?
The lowest level
One likely to witness/discover a hazardous materials release and can initiate notifying authorities.
First responder awarness
One who responds to a hazardous materials releases to protect nearby persons, enviroment, or property. Trained to function in a defensive mode only
First Responder Operational
One who responds to releases or potential releases of hazardous substances for the purpose of stopping the release.
One who responds with and provides support to Haz Mat Techs. Requires a more direct or specific knowledge of the various substances
What is the initial approach distance of a Haz Mat? How many feet in general should you stay back?
What is the first operational priorty at a Haz Mat?
Isolate and deny entry
Will EMS transport a contaminated victim?
level one staging.
Where does the first co. and the Truck respond?
Directly to the scene, and work to the best of there ability
Level one staging, commercial fire, 2nd in unit location?
Opposite side of the building that the inital response was made, and also identify FDC location. (be prepared to pump)
Level one staging
What do all the other units do?
Stage uncommited approx. 1 block from the scene until assigned by command.
Where is level 2 staging
Large lot location away from incident and command post
Level 2 staging.
If not assigned who is the staging area manager
First staged unit
For a fire/Alarm call at The Sierra Vist Mall where does the first in unit proceed to?
The alarm panel on the south side. They should determine location of the alarm and proceed to that location
What equipment should you take to the alarm location at The Sierra Vista Mall?
Both bundles
Force entry tools
Rotary saw if avalible
Clovis Community alarm/fire reponse.
First in./...
Proceed to the west side unless the situation prodicts otherwise, give size-up , determine location on alarm panel.
In a water deficient mobile home park what are the first 3 units responses?
First in
-directly to incident

Second in
-Stage at appropriate water supply drop off point

Third in
-Stage at hydrant