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Where did the Incas build stone buildings?
Stone buildings were built in Machu Picchu
What was the Inca's most important crop?
Potatoes were the Inca's most important crop.
What did the Incas call a string of beads used for counting?
What were llamas used for?
Llamas were used for meat, wool, and transportation.
How did the Incas get water?
The Incas got water through an irrigation system they developed.
How did the Incas farm in hilly areas?
They developed terraces.
Where was the Incan Empire located?
The Incan Empire was located in the western part of South America
True or False. The Incas had every part of their life controlled.
True. The governement controlled their lives.
Which city was the capital of Inca?
Cuzco was the capital of Inca.
How were the Incas able to communicate through their empire?
The Incas communicated by trained runners.