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"Place of the chosen ones" - Inca Priestesses' sanctuary at Machu Picchu.
Where was "Aqllawasi"?
Incan God of Thunder
Who was "Illapa"?
"Navel of the World" - an archaeological capital of the Americas and oldest continually inhabited city; capital city of the Inca Empire.
Where was "Cuzco"?
Masculine Force.
What is "Hanan"?
Feminine Force.
What is "Hurin"?
"Hitching post of the sun" - an accurate instrument for measuring time and seasons. Located in the center of the astronomical observatory of Machu Picchu.
What was an "Inti-Huatana"?
"Feast of the sun" - festival celebration of the winter solstice.
What was the "Inti-Rami"?
"Lost city of the Inca." A sacred ceremonial center of the Inca, located high in the Andean Mountains. Most spectacular archaeological site on the South American Continent.
Where is "Machu Picchu"?
First emperor of the Inca who established his court at Cuzco.
Who was "Manco Capac"?
Inca sacred site and observatory. Among its ruins, the Temple of Pachamama holds the largest singe stone altar yet discovered.
Where was "Ollantaytambo"?
Ninth lord of the Inca who was responsible for the largest territorial expansion of the Empire.
Who was "Pachacutec"?
Mother Earth.
What was "Pachamama"?
Temple and earthen pyramid located near Ollantakytambo that, according to legend, was built by the ancestors of the Inca as a birthplace for their dynasty.
What was "Pacaritanpu"?
Largest Inca observatory in the Andes. Buildings at Pisac housed mathematicians, astronomers, and priests.
What was "Pisac"?
Observatory, site of moon worship. Mummification rituals for Inca nobility took place in its caverns.
What was "Qenko"?
"Satisfied Falcon" - an important Inca military and religious center.
Where was "Sacsayhuaman"?
Father Sun.
What was "Taita Inti"?
River that cuts through Peru's Sacred Valley. According to legend, the Urubamba flows into the Milky Way. The river was a pathway to knowledge and enlightenment.
What is the "Urubamba River"?
Inca God of Creation
Who was "Wiraqocha"?